The Good, the Bad, and the Misaligned Creatures

Grendel Against Norn in the Past SeasAs I continued on in Artemiidae and hatched 30 eggs, the current population continued on with their lives. Remember that there is a portal to the Past Seas that can only be accessed through the Deep Abyss by swimming Creatures. Not one, but two Norns actually traveled through to explore! I was actually quite surprised when the Banshee Grendels got along with them, basically ignoring their presence. Only those violent instincts couldn’t be silenced forever. Teal Dovii became another victim, and I mourned her passing. On a positive note, she did lay an egg before leaving the Deep Abyss, so she had one baby to carry on her legacy. Still, I was far from pleased about the Banshee Hydrolisks. What a violent bunch they were… Although that’s what they are.

The Gift of a New Grendel BirthDespite the inherent violence, the Banshee Hydrolisks were managing to maintain their numbers and build up the next generation. How cute this one was as a baby! I don’t condone unnecessary violence in Creatures which is why I’ve been on the fence about keeping the Banshee Hydrolisks in future generations. Although I dislike all of the slapping, the fatalities they’ve caused haven’t gotten out of control. They’re meant to be a very dangerous part of Artemiidae, and I plan to keep them around. Remember that not all Grendels, like the Artemia Grendels, are this violent!

Hatching the Next Generation of Underwater NornsPerhaps it was an odd choice to use the large skeleton in the Deep Abyss as the hatching grounds, but it worked out! I had a great time getting a glimpse of the next generation. Although many were similar in coloring, I found some shockingly colorful babies in the mix! This little guy was very bright and had himself a silly appearance from the way his body parts fit together. Never fear, though! He moved around without any issues, but I couldn’t resist snapping this rather awkward picture. He was far too adorable to really be classified as a purely awkward Norn, though! The Colortrue genetics make for a rainbow of possible colors.

The Loss of Someone Special in Creatures Docking StationThose who recall the previous chapters may remember my favorite Norn, Violent Nijsseni. He was a perfect mix of Colortrue Pearl Mermaid and Coral Reef ChiChi Norn genes, and he was a friendly Norn. While hatching the eggs, he decided to stop by to watch the miracle of life in this area, which is devoid of any food. Apparently the Shrimpton can’t survive in the Deep Abyss for very long. Sadly, I got the announcement that he had passed away. His needs weren’t high and he wasn’t sick, so it was a bit of a mystery. Only one daughter will continue his legacy, but she was mentioned in the last update… Farewell, my wonderful Norn. I’ll miss seeing you swimming around.

A Norn Life Cut Short by Faulty GeneticsOn that sad note, I had one more despairing moment during the egg hatching. One Norn actually died before she left her egg, which led me to take a close look at her genetics. Sure enough, she had a fatal genetic mutation: Her initial concentration of ATP had changed to energy, so she had no ATP to start with. This is a necessity for practically every metabolic process, so her body was unable to actually get started. I’m hoping that this is the only death that occurs. I hatched everyone underwater, and will be changing the room properties in the Norn Meso to make it aquatic. Last time, there were many deaths because I hatched and exported out of the water.

Preparing to Swim Forth into the UnknownAlthough Artemiidae had its fair share of tragedy, the future was finally looking bright! Everything was now prepped for a new video chapter, and I learned a valuable lesson: Hatch and export as quickly as possible! This process likely won’t be featured, since I track some statistics and need to make sure I don’t miss anyone. The interesting thing that has happened in the second and third generations is a very lopsided proportion of males to females. I am using Amaikokonut’s No Seasonal Gender Bias, which makes it all the stranger. In a way, though, it’s turning into a good thing! Pregnancies are somewhat kept in check, which would be the opposite if there were too many females. Artemiidae must know how I want to avoid a population explosion! Stay tuned for the next video chapter!

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