C1 Cheese: Potentially Dangerous vs. Aged

Considerations for the C1 Updated Cheese COBThe good news is that the updated version of the cheese for Creatures 1 is just about ready to be released! The only big downside is that it will break the cheese from the Health Kit… Injecting this kind will lead to a crash. I’m attempting to learn how to fix this at the moment, as I hate to release a download that will create this issue. However, the previous food items will break other COBs that use the default food items, such as the refrigerator COB. For those of you interested in this download, would you rather play with this caveat or wait for me to release a version that includes an update for the Health Kit? Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Learning a Little More from the Creatures GamesIn other news, I’m thrilled to announce that the recent Creatures games giveaway was a success! I was expecting far less entries, and I only wish I had something to share with everyone. The two winners have been contacted: Enjoy! Likely there will be more giveaways like this in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out for those posts! Long live Creatures, and all of the discoveries that come with it.

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