Synchronized Sleeping and a Springtime Santa

The Secret to Getting Norns and Grendels to SleepI last left my Creatures 1 world with Auratum and Jucunda relaxing in the garden. Those boring moments paid off, because the two ladies drifted off to sleep of their own accord! Their attempt at synchronized sleeping was quite successful. That’s my secret to teaching Norns and Grendels how to sleep: I leave them alone, and will sometimes remove all distractions so they have nothing to do but take care of their sleepiness drive. Auratum was a little older when she had her first nap, yet so long as she was still a baby, the learning experience was a good one. Jucunda was already sleeping on her own at regular intervals. That self-taught lesson was paying off!

A Brand New Baby Norn Named BolanderiWhile the two Creatures slept, someone new popped into the world! As promised, this is the first true sixth generation Norn, in that he is the offspring of Hleengar and Hybralvao from the previous generation. Meet Bolanderi! Clearly, the Santa Norn appearance genes were strong with him. He was a little late to celebrate Christmas, but maybe he planned on bringing some of that joy whenever he was born. I’m not sure if it was mutated or inherited, but he has a somewhat noticeable blue or purple tint. Compare him to the photos of his father, who was a little yellower.

A Norn and Grendel Working on Their CamouflageThere was the important language lesson to get through, but I left the littlest member of Albia alone long enough for me to check up on Auratum and Jucunda. I’m honestly not sure what they were thinking! I think I snuck up on then when they were attempting to camouflage themselves. I still get the feeling that they’re not exactly friends, although they get along well enough. Auratum couldn’t quite hide her smile behind a post, but Jucunda was almost completely hidden. Coincidentally, they were eating the food and herbs, but no weeds. Their updated instincts were working!

Learning to Play in C1 in Different WaysBolanderi took about 4-5 minutes to fly through the learning machine. He gladly accepted the carrots I carried over to him, and then he must have caught wind of the camouflage lesson! Like Auratum, his smile wasn’t quite hidden behind the ball. So far, the updated genomes seem to be working out as intended! The only slight hiccup was when Jucunda showed no interest in going up in a lift, which is tied into the “pull” verb. This is equivalent to a slap, so pulling is a little less desirable than it was. Everyone has been happy and surprisingly independent, which makes me happy! This is also the first generation to use the updated food COBs. Here’s to hoping that those COBs have helped many C1 Norns and Grendels out there!

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