A Case of Mistaken Identities

The passing of Forvika and Jetvika was still fresh in the history of Albia. I got ready to hatch the next egg, though, so that life could continue on. To my surprise, the impatient little one hatched all on her own without a trip to the incubator! Granted, I left her egg for a short time, but apparently she could not wait for me. Meet Ramsvika! She is the daughter of Valborg and Bera. It was almost like seeing Jetvika again: After all, these two were half-sisters. Ramsvika was full of life from the moment she burst forth from her red and yellow egg, but I was lucky enough to steer her towards the learning computer! Her genetics were a tad bit interesting. Time to dive in and figure out what made her unique!


Chemical reactions define rules for individual chemicals and chemical combinations. These genes can also state the rules for how chemicals are used up, and each reaction has a defined half-life to determine how often it occurs.

280 Ado M DutDupCut 1*Adrenaline => 2*Anger + 1*Sleepiness; half-life = 64

In the standard Norn genome, this gene controls the reaction associated with alcohol in males. Since this is a gender-specific gene that only affects males, it will have no bearing on Ramsvika. However, it is an interesting mutation when applied to males. With this altered gene, a male Norn will not become angry and sleepy after drinking the hootch. Instead, he will experience this reaction due to adrenaline. This could certainly prove to be an issue with a stressed out male, who would become very angry and sleepy. Time will tell if Ramsvika will pass along this gene to a son or two!


Stimuli genes define the chemicals that a Creature expects to receive in response to an action. These actions can range from interactions with the hand to involuntary actions like coughing or sneezing.

243 Emb B Mut ‘Invol 2=’sneeze” causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0, , , => 32*Pain + 8*Tiredness + 8*Fear + 18*Hexokinase

This stimulus gene should look familiar, since Ramsvika inherited it from her father, Valborg. In the standard genome, only sixteen units of hexokinase are produced. This chemical uses up energy, so Ramsvika should tire from sneezing more quickly than most other Norns. The change is fairly minor, though, and perhaps she will never be sick enough to experience this change! One can only hope, though.

245 Emb B Mut ‘Invol 4=’shiver” causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0, , , => 16*Hotness++ + 32*Coldness- + 16*Coldness + 16*Fear

An interesting coincidence here is that Jetvika had a genetic mutation with gene 244 that replaced tiredness with coldness. With Ramsvika, she had the exact type of mutation, only in gene 245. A little spooky! This genetic mutation is not quite as helpful as Jetvika’s mutation, which cooled her down when she coughed, which could have indicated a fever. Norns typically shiver when they are cold to warm themselves up: Notice how this stimulus produces an increase in hotness and a decrease in coldness. Unfortunately, rather than being tired out by shivering, Ramsvika experiences further coldness. The changes in her body temperature should still warm her up, but it will take her much longer to warm up. Although this extra shivering will not make her tired, her fear should skyrocket. Time to petition for Norn sweaters in the name of Ramsvika!

As if knowing about her connection to Jetvika, little Ramsvika stood up in virtually the same spot that her half-sister had napped in not long before her death. She uttered the word “rest” and I almost thought that this little one was the reincarnation of Jetvika! It was all a coincidence in Albia, yet the similarities seemed uncanny. Hopefully Ramsvika would not develop awful eating habits late in her life. She was enjoying every morsel of food that came her way, and I was happy to have another baby Norn in Creatures 1.

No more eggs had been laid, since Mevik decided to confine himself to the desert island. Even on his own, though, I rarely caught him without a smile. He was probably the happiest Norn I had ever seen, and none of his genes really explained why he was always so happy. Even without a concrete explanation, I was thrilled! I left him to his own devices, although I decided to coax a few females over to him in the near future. Better to have too many eggs than a shortage! On second thought, I convinced myself to leave him alone for a tad bit longer. I had another egg to hatch, and it would be better if Mevik just enjoyed his solitude!

Could this be another half-sister to Ramsvika? Not quite! This adorable little Forest Norn, named Stokka, is the first child of Ranulf, and the last child of Dagny. Having trouble remembering who Ranulf was? Never fear: He left us fourteen eggs to hatch! Only thirteen of those will be hatched here, as one was provided to the CCSF 2011. Still, Albia should soon be overrun with little Ranulf look-alikes! Stokka inherited a combination of standard Norn genes, along with a few of the updated Forest Norn genes. Aside from a few minor changes that would have no effects, her genome was quite normal. Perhaps she would inherit her father’s extremely fertile state and put me to work collecting eggs! Oh, dear.

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