The Gentlemanly Norn vs. Sir Oogh

A Very Content Pair of Loving NornsThere are those perfectly timed photo opportunities in Creatures 1, and I found myself smiling. Hansonii made his way around the world at just the right time to find Iridollae. Soon, they were expecting another egg! I thought this was over after the latest clutch, but I should have known that Norns never stop. Fortunately, this was a nice couple to spend time with. Hansonii kindly let Iridollae settle in for a nap while he beamed about his upcoming egg. He had actually done something very similar with Candidum not long ago. What a gentleman! Well, as far as gentlemanly behavior actually exists in Norns. He actually traced his roots back to Ranulf, the record-setting Norn who was the father of 13 eggs. My goodness!

A Rather Doomed Norn Romance in AlbiaMeanwhile, Nanum and Ledebourii had settled in with one another. It was anything but happy. Nanum kept trying to walk away to get some sleep, and Ledebourii followed her like a shadow to constantly speak about this “oogh” that was so important. She hadn’t smiled since becoming an adult, and even I couldn’t pry Ledebourii away from her! I left her while she was employing the tactic of ignoring the problem. I, too, hoped he would move himself along and let her be. Maybe he needed to learn something from Hansonii!

The 20th anniversary of Creatures 1 is just days away! I think I may have failed to make mention of the specifics regarding the inclusion of the Creatures games in the GOG sale, but this was their contribution to the anniversary celebration. A very special thanks to them for being so generous about my special request! There are still some other surprises in store… And that may or may not include a special guest post. Make sure to check back throughout the day on Friday for some Creatures 1 anniversary fun, and feel free to celebrate in whatever way you like! Fizzbee might also make an appearance…

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