One Very Big, Happy Family

Prior to Evria’s and Evrietta’s newest eggs, the population in Albia stood at 9 Norns. Special thanks go to Tarlia for providing information about the population cap in Creatures 1. For some reason I had thought that 16 or 17 Norns was the maximum, but it actually turns out to be just 12… Which means that my “little” family is quickly getting maxed out!

Evrietta’s egg hatched first, revealing a beautiful female! This is Onessa, the first female with a Brown Mouse face. Those eyes are stunning! I also think she looks tiny and compact, like a fragile little Norn. She most certainly is not frail, though, as she learned her verbs in record time and wolfed down carrot after carrot. For the record, her father is Noric, who seems to be a part of almost every birth. Guess he knows how to be in the right place at the right time!

On the other side of the garden, another egg hatched to reveal a very active Norn who wouldn’t even stay still for his picture to be taken! This is Jedim, the son of Evria and Diren! He actually picked up some of his verbs by interacting with a few Norns who were there for his birth. Jedim is definitely an active little chap! He has a different gait than most others: Something resembling an amble, rather than a smooth-flowing walk. It doesn’t seem to slow him down, though!

In a quieter moment, I was lucky enough to snap a photo of three of the four third generation Norns. From left to right, here are Rafin, Jedim, and Onessa. The only third generation Norn missing from the bunch is Izria, who was off exploring the world. They all look so peaceful and content resting in front of the fire! It was only a matter of time before they rushed off to cause a lot of chaos in Albia.

Now that there are 11 Norns in the world, I plan on moving any additional eggs so that they will not hatch. With the birth of the 12th Norn, females can no longer become pregnant in Creatures 1. I would rather store up the next generations to slowly hatch over time, rather than preventing any additional pregnancies. I am aware of the ability to increase the number of Norns in the world, but I’m very finicky about trying anything new with this family of Norns. Feel free to leave a comment with any other suggestions to solve the population limit issue!

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