To See the World of Albia and Beyond

The summer may have begun to come to end, but Dwyvach held fast to her beach ball! I was fairly surprised by her enjoyment over the red and white piece of bounciness. Then again, this was a Norn who became fearful when she was too bored, thanks to a mutation. Anything to keep her happy and occupied was a great thing in her mind! I tried to play matchmaker, but Dwyvach was far too occupied with playing to take any notice of the males. They, too, seemed far more interested in the ball! Typical Norn behavior: Never focused on the right thing at the right time!

I had nearly forgotten how few females there were in the world! The other three decided to play follow the leader, though the game involved a very varied assortment of gaits! Eilonwy led Henwen and Angharad around the garden and incubator area. They certainly were an interesting group parading around Albia! Eilonwy joined Coll in the terrible eaters club: No amount of coaxing could get her to even sample a carrot. Luckily, her companions fared much better.

I found the perfect Albian coffee ad star waiting for me on the island! Though Fflewddur sprouted gray hair rather early, he was in good spirits. This was actually becoming a slight problem in the game: Many of the males were infertile due to extra stress or old age, while the females isolated themselves. This led to a lull in new egg production, though I hoped it would pick up rather quickly! Fflewddur only had one egg to call his own, after all, and that was much too low. Even by my standards!

Ellidyr spent most of this time with his beloved Achren, but even the best of couples need a break from time to time! My Grendel decided to travel as far into the sky as he could, yet that was not enough. To the telescope! He was actually reaching for the lift button, though I imagined him peering through the lens to see the sky above. I hoped that this little break would result in more Grendel babies… Six just didn’t seem like enough from this wonderful pair in Creatures 1! Though I hoped they would be reasonable.

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