The Great Creatures Caper and Other Tales

After an unusually long time spent on the desert island, Orddu decided that it was time for a little more excitement. When I introduced her to the cable car, she was ecstatic! Once she was about halfway across, though, I assumed that her smile was more out of fear than anything else… She was frozen in place. It made the journey much easier than usual, since Norns often enjoy changing the direction of the vehicle as much as possible. Orddu was one silly Norn, yet little did I know that she had a very specific task in mind. Maybe that was why she gave the illusion of cooperation. How often Creatures love to be adorable little deceivers, both cute and devious all at once!

Taran fell right into Orddu’s trap, and she tried to hide before I could figure out what was going on. So much for Taran’s monogamous life! Orddu only had one egg to her name, and she had parted ways with it long ago. This journey across Albia was less of an adventure, and more of a mission to bring another little Norn into the mix. Very sneaky, but also very successful! The bees buzzed a little more vehemently, as Orwen picked up on Taran’s wandering eye. All ended well, and Orwen came to terms with the fact that she was still lucky to have had him all to herself for a short time. It didn’t look like this was another case of a broken heart, as with Henwen and Kaw.

On the subject of sneakiness, I thought my Grendels had parted ways to avoid any additional eggs. How mistaken I was! Despite Achren’s frustrated slaps, Ellidyr put on his best Grendelish charms and soon had another special delivery to celebrate. Oh, Ellidyr! Now with sixteen eggs in their clutch, these Grendels apparently would never stop. I may update the genetics of their offspring to give them a slightly more realistic life span. Achren was nearly nineteen hours old, after all!

Back in the garden, which had been nearly abandoned, I thought a rabbit was at work… The carrots were being eaten up quickly, and the culprit was nowhere to be found. In time, I caught Kaw red-handed! Or orange-handed, to be more precise. He was spending most of his time near the incubator with a warm pot of coffee, but he was also a very nimble old Norn! I could tell he still missed his beloved Henwen, for he rarely interacted with anyone other than the Grendels. His healthy habits were quite unexpected, and I could just see Henwen watching over him. She may have suffered a broken heart, yet her love for Kaw would never truly die. If only she could tell him not to eat every single carrot!

I was on a roll with everyone, and even had every life force at 70% or higher at one point! Llyan looked healthy, but that pensive look in her eyes told me that something else was going on. I was startled when I discovered that she was pregnant: There was not a male Norn anywhere around! At first I thought that Ellidyr had succeeded with the impossible… Yet he had never left Achren’s side. Taran was wrapped up with Orddu and Orwen, while Kaw was busy in the garden. Gwydion was somewhat close, though he had stopped eating entirely, and was completely infertile. Rhun? Rhun had last been spotted napping near the temple. It was a genuine Creatures caper!

There was one tiny little clue nearby: A tail! I confirmed my suspicions with the D-DNA Analyzer. It was not a total surprise, though I had not expected such an unexpected pregnancy! Can you deduce whose tail this is? This unborn Norn had some interesting genetic mutations, though it was the newest baby from Achren and Ellidyr who possessed the strangest mutation. When producing antibody 0, rather than experiencing hotness, he or she would experience pain. Ouch!

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