Adria and Noric: True Love in Creatures 1?

Let me first start by saying that once Norns come together, getting them to listen is virtually impossible. This is why it is so important to teach good vocabulary and behaviors at any early age, and continue to reinforce activities like eating and resting throughout a Norn’s life. However, as I’ve come to discover, some are better at taking care of themselves.

Adria has a knack for taking care of herself, and she never fails to let the camera know how happy she is! I think she was thinking of doing something devious and traveling back and forth through the teleporter… I love seeing her happy, but there is a glint of mischief in those bright green eyes! She particularly loves to “run food” or “run herb” by running in the opposite direction of what she wants when she isn’t particularly hungry. Oh, Adria! It’s a common enough event, though it can be both maddening and hilarious. All she had to do was turn around, but of course she preferred to run away from what she wanted. Perhaps this was her plot to get me to bring everything to her!

Now that Noric is a little older, he was able to enjoy spending a bit of time with Adria. He still needed a little more time to reach his next life stage, but I think Adria got some enjoyment out of knowing that she is older. Indeed, here she was the one who ended up with the carrot! It was all in good spirits: Noric had a bite to eat, as well. They passed the carrot back and forth a few times before that happened, however. Adria taught him that ladies always go first! Noric grudgingly gave up the carrot, yet he knew there were plenty more growing in the garden.

However, that bite to eat really was just a bite… Take a look at what he has in his hand, and it seems he got the short end of the stick! He was probably thinking what in the world I was doing to him, but Noric now knows the meaning of “grin and bear it!” He had to carry around the scraggly carrot seedling while Adria went off in search of more food. At least she had a lot of healthy choices to choose from! Otherwise, she easily could have put on a bit of weight. Even the honey wasn’t all that bad: It was completely organic! It was just those carrot seedlings that caused issues. Noric certainly put on a happy face while he found himself holding onto them!

As always, Noric had a nice ponderous pose to close out the day. Judging by the way he always keeps an eye out for Adria, I think he let her take the carrot. A little budding romance might just be around the corner: Noric has only to mature and he’ll be able to start his own family! As much as Adria gave him some trouble, he was a rather gentlemanly Norn and was very polite. I think he liked her, despite her stealing all of the food!

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