A Listless Look of Sadness and the Relief of Peace

Orwen returned to the canopy of the Creatures 1 jungle, where she started to head towards the cable car. Taran had passed away long ago, yet she still fiercely held onto the idea that she would see his face again. Suddenly, the truth came to Orwen in a wave of sheer sadness. She froze in place… Literally. For a good five or six minutes, she could only blink and fall asleep. It was an enormously depressing sight, especially considering the fact that she was my last Norn from this generation. Even my frantic waving did nothing to bring her out of this terrible state of listlessness. What a poor Norn!

With a good bit of patience, however, I found the side of Orwen I was hoping to find! She finally moved about, and even took my advice regarding the delicious honey. There was a good chance that she only had an hour or less to live, so I was thrilled to take her mind off of what she lost. Although my Grendels, Adaon and Arianllyn, were enjoying themselves, I spent my time with the lovely Orwen. That rare smile was enough to keep me around! In her old age, she was past the time for playing with toys, although I did my best to entice her. Anything I could find found its way to her little corner of Albia. That smile didn’t persist for long, yet she found a glimmer of joy.

On a quick trip to check up on the Grendels, Orwen decided to spare me the horrible sound of her last breath. She looked quite peaceful in the dark foliage, with a honeypot nearby. The clock above her head signaled the final second of her life at 11 hours and 7 minutes. As much as her death meant the closure of so many things, I was happy to know that Orwen would no longer have to feel the deep sadness of being without Taran. The third generation of Norns had come to an end. Yet like many of her friends, Orwen had several children to carry on her lines: There were only three, but two of those would call Taran their father. Rest in peace, Orwen.

And so the next generation is ready to begin! Out of a whopping 41 Norns, I’ll be going through and choosing somewhere between twelve and eighteen to keep for the fourth generation. As with this one, I try to get a decent amount of diversity in terms of parentage, along with a few interesting genetic mutations. The introduction of the next Norn could be a little while, as I would like to work on a few other projects before getting attached to a bunch of baby Norns! Once that happens, it’s difficult to pry me away from them for more than a day or two. I hope to be able to test out the updated baby sprites with the males. I keep meaning to finish those up, and naturally it’s been months! I also have a few videos to work on, and my C3/DS Norns have been seriously neglected lately. My Norn figurines are also due to make another appearance! Lots to look forward to!

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