A Return to Creatures and a Grendel Sort of Surprise

That absence was quite long enough! Between work and family, I had to take a very reluctant, but necessary, break from Creatures. I’m still amazed that it’s been nearly two months: The catching up part has made me wish I had been playing Creatures everyday! Fortunately, life is beginning to calm down enough to let me enjoy the games once again. Perhaps better still, the return of Discover Albia comes with a much anticipated release.

Believe it: The male C1 Grendels have been completed! All three life stages have been edited in terms of body data and sprites to correct a few major issues, while improving the appearance and gait of the Grendels. Pictured are an elder, adult, and baby Grendel from Creatures 1. Most sprites were reworked in some way: Take note of the baby, for he has a much smaller crest! This lets him grow into his body a little more realistically.

Admittedly, this updated Creatures 1 Grendel is far from perfect. Yet I rather think this fits in with the atmosphere of the game. Imperfections should be minor, though: No one should find mixed up sprites or gaping holes anywhere! Feel free to contact me regarding anything that needs a serious change. I’ve done a fair bit of testing, although I can’t say that I’ve been able to observe every single pose in every life stage. There really are a lot of positions that Grendels can pose or move about in!

Enjoy these Grendels! Once any possible kinks are ironed out, I will be using the body data and sprites to release an update for the Creatures 1 female Grendels. The tricky part will be creating an entirely new head design, but I hope the end result will make Grendels seem a little more enjoyable to play with! Expect to see more frequent updates in the coming week, particularly as I make my return to my worlds in Creatures 1 and Docking Station. Genetics lessons and other ideas are also planned! When do I not have way too many ideas? Ha!

Download the Creatures 1 Complete Updated Grendel

All .att files are body data files, and should be placed in the C1 Body Data folder. All .spr files are sprite files, and should be placed in the C1 Images folder. These are meant to update already installed .att/.spr files.

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