With a New Year on the Horizon

It seems like 2013 was just beginning, and here it is coming to a close! This year was a wonderful one for the Creatures community, with plenty of new content to enjoy. I have a rather large list of downloads to try out relatively soon, and that list just keeps growing! The new year will likely be filled with some new discoveries of recently released agents, breeds, and metarooms. Above all, though, I plan to move forward with a lot of the projects I’ve been talking about for ages. Sometimes it takes a little hiatus to get things back on track!

What to expect in 2014 from Discover Albia? Lots of dramatic stories based on the characters in my worlds! Creatures 1 will likely take back its main significance, only because it’s a game that can always bring me back into the series. I have my major body data and sprite project, which I am determined to make some progress on. Let’s just hope I can remember the process! Yet I can’t leave the original Norns in such disarray with the body data issues and floating limbs. I just have to set some reasonable deadlines, and everyone should be able to enjoy a new release!

Thank you to everyone who has made the Creatures community such an inspiring place! It’s a place of unparalleled creativity and innovation, which has made the Creatures series such a fulfilling one for so many years. Happy 2014!

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