Expanding the Creatures Caves Downloads Section

Many Creatures fans are likely members of Creatures Caves, but some might not be aware of the downloads section. It has the capability of providing a nearly complete listing of every add-on for Creatures. Along with DragonSparke, I’ve been diligently adding old agents/COBs and breeds over the last few days. It’s amazing to find the long lost and forgotten creations of community members no longer active. Although it is a rather tedious process, this will hopefully bring Creatures Caves to the forefront as a major source of information about downloads for C1, C2, and C3/DS. Anyone is welcome to help out!

With the CCSF 2013 just around the corner, hopefully the expansion of the downloads section will provide something for everyone. Some of the breeds I’ve located along the way have amazed me with their creativity: Take a look at the Hulk Grendels as an example! We have excellent new releases coming out all the time, yet it’s also important to make sure we don’t lose the rich history of the Creatures community. Some downloads have been lost forever, yet my hope is that those represent only a small percentage of what is out there. With enough digging, I expect we’ll have a very authoritative source of downloads at Creatures Caves! Browse or upload today!

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