An Early Easter Celebration in Creatures 1

With Easter just around the corner and a bunch of busy schedules, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Although the big Creatures community event this season is the Creatures Caves Eggstravaganza, I wanted to share a teeny tiny Easter-related addition to Creatures 1. Let your Norns and Grendels have their own Easter egg hunts with some colorful new egg sprites! These brightly colored eggs are a fun way to get in the spirit of the season, and even bring a little springtime flair to Albia. Also check out Malkin’s list of Easter add-ons for more fun over the weekend!

Download the Creatures 1 Easter Egg Sprites

My Norns must have sensed the recent death, for Whydah and Manakin decided to have a youngster of their own. Manakin did his best impression of a bunny with his white-tipped ears and carrot. Whydah was hardly impressed, although she did enjoy his attempt at celebrating the holiday! It looked like she was contemplating some sort of attempt at stealing his carrot. With her glucose mutation, it was almost unnecessary for her to eat. I still pestered her every now and again to wolf down a carrot or some honey, though. It seemed dangerous to let her lapse into a state of not eating at all.

Manakin continued his impersonation of the Easter bunny with his carrot, which he didn’t fancy eating. Along the way, he found someone who had returned from a long journey: Xenops! These two guys, who represented the oldest and youngest males of the Norn group, looked positively thrilled to have found a quiet friend to spend some time with. For some reason, the females had grown rather restless and were rather rude about slapping and kissing. Must have been spring fever! Manakin shared some of his wisdom, and then the two parted ways.

Xenops must have been listening to Manakin’s advice. Despite having lost his first egg with Niltava, he broke out of his sadness to give fatherhood a real chance with Towhee. They were a very happy couple, yet there was a slightly solemn air to their romance. They wanted to respect Niltava’s ill-timed death, and their focus on a large flower looked like some sort of ceremony. Perhaps they sensed that the world was getting smaller and smaller. All who remained were my two Grendels and five Norns. Little did Xenops know that he would be the youngest male, and would likely outlive Manakin and Pipit to have the females to himself. At least he had no intentions of littering Albia with shiny new eggs! Or did he?

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