A Shattered Hope in Creatures 1

Melyngar was in need of some alone time, to ponder the very deep thoughts of Norns and experience the healing qualities of carrots. In the end, her attention was taken up by a strange critter in a glass bowl: The fish! Melyngar proceeded to make friends with this new aquatic being, yet she had the sense to understand that he was only for looking at. No fresh fish to eat in this world! Presently, she became rather bored with this monotonous activity. Either that, or the fish’s swimming left her dizzy!

A handsome Norn was still just getting accustomed to his adult body… Though Rhun looked positively strange as he craned his neck upwards! This body data issue is on my list of changes. Some may recall my project to fix all of the Creatures 1 Norns, both in terms of updated sprites and corrected body data. Progress has been, unfortunately, exceptionally slow, though this is still at the top of my list. The baby male Norns should be completed first. I plan to release those in the new year for a short period of testing. So long as all looks good, every other life stage and official breed will receive the same sort of updating. No more strange positions like this one! Poor Rhun. At least if Albia is ever in need of a talented contortionist, we know who to call upon!

Not to be forgotten was the adorable Ellidyr, who proceeded to take a well deserved nap away from the Norns. They had pestered him quite a lot, especially since Achren had determined that she needed some alone time… With fourteen eggs, I could hardly blame her! This Grendel couple found one another in the jungle treetops again, but the last thing either wanted was another egg. Achren even had the decency to fall asleep when Ellidyr acted a little too friendly. Even in their old age, they were still as active as ever, and an important part of Albia.

Much to my dismay, Henwen’s pregnancy was anything but simple. Kaw held her attention for far too long, and no amount of coaxing could get her to eat. This beloved romance seemed to end abruptly, for Kaw failed to watch over Henwen. He headed off on his own, leaving her to fall into some sort of depression. She curled up into a rather sad pose, but I could hardly sit by and let her suffer. My literal waving of a carrot finally got her attention: Insistence can be a powerful tool!

Before long, Henwen had a shiny blue egg to call her own. Yet something was different… Kaw was not around to keep an eye on this special object, and Henwen perched herself nearby to thwart any attacks. Although there was nothing outwardly different in her, I sensed a great sadness brewing beneath her sapphire eyes. My whole dramatization of her love for Kaw almost felt real. It was as if she saw this egg as the last remnant of their relationship. I carefully left her in peace after ensuring that her life force and vital signs were in good shape. This was not the end of the world for Henwen: I was determined to reignite the embers of love.

On the other hand, Kaw had other ideas. For only the second time, he strayed from his original love, Henwen. Llyan was quite proud, though, and I could hardly blame her for yearning only her third egg! She had the good sense to surround herself with food and take a few bites. Without losing a step, she shared her bright new egg with Kaw. It was interesting to watch him stay right by her side, just as he had with Henwen. I knew there was hope: She had been his first love, and he simply had to care. Llyan seemed to sense his good heart, and kept him near and dear to her. It was adorable! Yet a part of me felt as though he was betraying Henwen…

My draw dropped and my heart sank when I visited the island and heard the awful sound of a Norn’s last breath. It was Henwen. At just 9 hours and 0 minutes old, she departed Albia. There would be no reunion, nor another meeting with Kaw. Despite her official cause of death clearly stemming from old age, I could hardly ignore the fact that she passed away within five or ten minutes of Kaw leaving her. It was a sad moment, for it erased the hope I had of rekindling a Norn romance. Henwen had five eggs to carry her genes into the next generation, though even that seemed too small. She was ever faithful to Kaw after they crossed paths the first time. May you rest in loving peace, dear Henwen.

Quick to brighten the mood was a happy announcement: Orgoch and Rhun had an egg on the way! They made a cute couple, although Rhun seemed more like he enjoyed the freedom of bachelorhood than anything else. Orgoch made sure that he stuck around, if only to put him through a little of the suffering she had to endure with carrying around a growing egg! This unborn Norn had some interesting genes: If the egg hatched into a male, he would be completely infertile… Yet coughing would produce no pain. Random genetic mutations always add a little spice to Creatures 1!

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