Learning in the Quiet Creatures Minutes

An Uncertain Grendel and NornDocumenting the lives of my Norns and Grendels is an exciting and fun experience, even with the sad realizations of death that come into play. Yet most of the time there are plenty of events to smile and laugh at! Auratum and Jucunda were still sizing one another up after their initial meeting. Auratum looked like she was attempting to extend a hand to shake with the Grendel, although the only contact they had involved a few tickles! Incidentally, their interactions were off to an ideal start. Remember that my goal was to create nicer Norns and Grendels with a few genetic modifications. Not a single slap occurred, even though they both still seemed really wary. Shy babies, I suppose!

Attempting to Share Knowledge in Creatures 1Many of my Creatures 1 updates are filled with plenty of action, yet I often don’t show the “boring” side of the game… When nothing happens, there really isn’t anything going on! Granted, it isn’t like there is a huge amount of downtime and boredom to cut through. Yet these quiet times are actually extremely important to Norns and Grendels. After a little bit of staring, Jucunda let everyone know that she was going to rest. Auratum hadn’t yet attempted the activity herself, and looked on with a little disbelief. As for me, I was excited to see how well my little Grendel was taking care of herself!

The Many Wonders of Albia and Trick PhotographyThe two walked around near the computer, and I was rather surprised that Jucunda didn’t start pushing all of the buttons again! Suddenly, I realized that Auratum was learning from her pal: They both laid down to rest. Definitely an achievement, no matter how small! I had to laugh a little bit because they looked like they were examining the open pipe into the kitchen. Good thing no one was cooking! I wasn’t exactly jumping out of my seat with excitement over this fairly boring moment, yet these are vital for the learning process to take effect. Babies typically learn the best with few distractions around… Including the hand.

Playing and Eating in the Albian GardenUltimately, I was rewarded for enduring a few quiet minutes. The two took the teleporter into the garden, where something must have sprung them into action! They took turns spinning the top, and then Auratum decided to get a little cheeky. Right in mid-spin, she grabbed that toy and claimed it for herself! Jucunda didn’t exactly mind, since she was devouring a whole lot of honey. So as boring as it can be to watch Creatures do next to nothing, they have a good reason for sitting still. They won’t be the only ones in Albia for much longer, though!

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