A Kaleidoscope of Norn Life

The Inevitable Outcome of a Norn and a Deathcap MushroomI clearly was amiss when I anticipated the start of regular updates… And there was none more perturbed over this fact than my eldest Norn, Auratum. She decided to teach me a lesson, so she did what any Norn would do… Devour the deathcap mushroom. I spent some time bringing her back from the brink. Her life force seemed to drop much quicker than usual, or perhaps I was simply out of practice. Truth be told, life has still continued on its hectic path, and I’ve been running to keep up! I mean well when I plan to post, but then Creatures ends up taking a backseat to other responsibilities.

Nanum and Iridollae Acting as Norn TeachersI cautiously moved around Albia, hoping to find a Norn or two who was happy about my return. I didn’t have to look far! Iridollae and young Nanum scolded Auratum for her behavior, and attempted to teach her all about the dangers of the deathcap mushroom. Will Norns ever learn? Iridollae took a rather harsh approach, hitting Auratum so she had to turn away from me in shame. I had a word with Iridollae, since no amount of punishment can ever deter a single Norn from that deathly weed. Believe me, I’ve tried everything! Nanum stood off to the side and tried to be helpful by offering up a carrot she carried quite a long way.

Contemplating Life in the Creatures 1 IncubatorThe ladies were left to their own accord, since I had someone waiting for me near the incubator! This most adorable fellow is Rubellum, the son of Brekennion and Losthrayte. This makes him the half-brother of Ledebourii, although they certainly have very unique appearances! It was ages since a baby Norn entered this world, so naturally I was overly excited to see him crawling about. However, he couldn’t crawl far enough away from me to escape a genetic analysis! There is something rather unique about Rubellum just beneath the surface that could either make him very dangerous, or very vulnerable to a specific death…


Chemical reactions define rules for individual chemicals and chemical combinations. These genes can also state the rules for how chemicals are used up, and each reaction has a defined half-life to determine how often it occurs.

Original: 228 Emb B MutDupCut 2*Antigen2 + 4*Glucose => 1*Antibody2 + 1*Hotness; half-life=88
Mutation: 228 Emb B MutDupCut 2*Antigen6 + 4*Glucose => 1*Antibody2 + 1*Hotness; half-life=88

As discussed in the past, antigens are Creatures 1 illnesses that spread around and can be picked up from the environment, or from an already infected Norn or Grendel. For each antigen, there is a corresponding antibody that is produced in a Creature’s body to fight off that specific infection. In the original genome, it’s clear that antigen 2 is paired with antibody 2. However, Rubellum has himself a bit of a problem: Antigen 6 is the catalyst for the production of antibody 2. This poses a number of problems. First, he must be infected with antigen 6 in order to produce antibody 2… An infection with just antigen 2 means he will be forever ill, almost definitely leading to an early death. An infection with antigen 6 is also dangerous. Why? His body will be forced to produce both antibody 2 and antibody 6, eating up more glucose in the process. The antigen may fall quicker as it gets used up in these chemical reactions, yet he is also at risk of using up too much glucose and, most likely, glycogen. Thus, another possible early death. Rubellum shouldn’t have much to worry about, although I’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on him to make sure he stays healthy!


Stimuli genes define the chemicals that a Creature expects to receive in response to an action. These actions can range from interactions with the hand to involuntary actions like coughing or sneezing.

Original: Emb B Mut ‘I’ve Activated1’ causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0 => 3*Tiredness++ + 16*Boredom-
Mutation: Emb B Mut ‘I am quiescent‘ causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0 => 3*Tiredness++ + 16*Boredom-

Although it’s been quite some time, this mutation should look rather familiar. Rubellum’s half-brother, Ledebourii, also inherited this gene from their mother, Losthrayte! From what I’ve seen so far, this has had no noticeable effect on Ledebourii’s quality of life. Rubellum should be fine, if a little more unique. Works for me!

Ensuring a Future for a Norn Family LineWord spread quickly, not only about my return, but also about Rubellum. Ledebourii escaped down the lift with one of my Grendels, Jucunda, but not before becoming a father for the first time. Ironically, the mutated stimuli gene that looked like it was taking hold was not passed down to this unborn Norn. Such is the wonderful randomness of genetics! That reminds me of the tale of Arnes and his sole egg. His serious disability wasn’t passed down, yet an unfortunate stroke of luck threw in a fatal mutation. Arnes never did have a child, though I still remember him. Hansonii and Rubellum are his closest relatives this generation, though!

A Mother Norn with Excellent InstinctsThe great responsibility of incubating an egg fell to Iridollae, who had the sense to walk back to the garden in a sort of daze. She looked deep in thought, even though there was nothing serious to think about! Personally, I thought she had to spend a little time thinking about the way she punished Auratum just minutes before. In another interesting turn, Auratum actually stayed with her throughout the entire pregnancy to keep her company. Norns seem to possess a very useful trait: The ability to get over problems and not hold grudges! Ignoring the fact that their memories are generally simple and don’t apply to individual Creatures, at least in Creatures 1, they still get along rather nicely… Until that random slap-happy bug bites them all!

A Sudden Surge of Activity in AlbiaI am also quite convinced that Norns must have some telepathic connection, to be used solely to challenge us players and Norn caretakers! I was already juggling a newborn Norn with one pregnancy, but Candidum decided that she needed to make things difficult for me. Only she wasn’t successful. Hansonii wandered over and the two made one cute couple, yet they found themselves a temporary family of two, not three. Therein lies one of the virtues of this game: It takes perfect timing, luck, and some randomness in order for a Norn or Grendel egg to start growing. I was happy to see that Candidum and Hansonii would enjoy a friendship, and nothing more!

The Ironic Joy of a Norn That Could Never BeOh. I see. The sneakiness and determination of Norns can never be underestimated. Hansonii smiled above a sleeping Candidum to tell the world about their good luck. An egg was on the way, and a Norn was sleeping of her own accord! I jumped over to take a peek at the baby’s genome, and lost my smile. Fatal mutations are not rare, yet I dislike them immensely. This unborn Norn is unable to convert glucose into glycogen. With no other way to produce glycogen, there is no way for this Norn to ever be. Death is a part of life, but death before life is both sad and unfair. Farewell, baby Norn.

Sleep and the Most Wonderful Sight in Creatures 1Candidum and Hansonii stayed happy, since they needn’t know about the impending tragedy. I needed a little something to make me smile, and Rubellum succeeded. Not only had he learned his entire vocabulary with me only partially present, but he went off and taught himself how to sleep! Is there anything cuter than a dozing baby Norn? He was lucky to be getting some sleep, since there is a huge celebration exactly one week from today! Creatures 1 will have its whopping 20 year anniversary, and there are some big surprises in store, plus regular Discover Albia updates for at least a week!

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