Sparks of Wanderlust and Lost Grendel Love

A Sudden Journey Across AlbiaWith a whole lot of sudden activity going on in Albia, several Norns decided to race off into the sunset! Candidum led the charge, with Ledebourii and Auratum following behind in a more relaxed, synchronized walk. Perhaps it was all that time spent frozen in time, but I realized that many of my Norns were suddenly traveling far and wide. Candidum deserved some happiness after her most recent egg, which can never hatch into a living Norn. I took solace in the fact that everyone in this generation was healthy and happy, and we still had a long way to go. Indeed, Norns were using those little legs to go the distance and explore every corner of Albia!

Joy and a Pinch of Disappointment for Two GrendelsA pair of Grendels had been kept apart for a long time, and by a literal ocean. When Jucunda spotted Pentlandii coming back from the island, she couldn’t help but share one of her toothy Grendel smiles! Pentlandii was a little more reserved and took to staring at the lovely lady before him… And continued to stare. Nothing happened between them, and it was almost like the spark was gone. Had it ever been there? The two parted company after several minutes. There was no Grendel egg on the way, and I noticed that there was not a single Grendel to ensure the next generation. A mysterious bit of bad luck hovered over my world. I had to wonder: Would things suddenly take a turn for the worse?

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