Albia is Alive with the Sounds of Music

The Norn Who Drifted Off to Sleep with MusicRemember the days when Candidum was one adventurous Norn? After she laid her first and only egg, she drifted into the music room. For all of the past updates, she hasn’t moved. Not at all, even to use the lift. She set up house in this small space, and has been thoroughly enjoying it! The music room can be an excellent spot for a Norn to hang out in, particularly if he or she is inclined to try out the various instruments. I often hear the pounding of drums whenever I’m in the area. Candidum has been so happy! All of that work tired her out, yet she wasn’t quite done with the harp. Rather than lie down, she opted for a standing pose to catch some sleep. Silly Candidum!

Nearly Identical Half Brothers in Creatures 1When Martagon was born, I mentioned his relation to Bolanderi. These two half brothers took awhile to find one another, yet they managed to gather together right near the musicola. Notice the differences between them? Their bodies and arms are different, but the slight difference in pigment is the one characteristic that I find to be the easiest to spot. Bolanderi is a little more on the blue or purple side. In any case, my world is basically getting overrun with Santa Norns! Jucunda ducked low to avoid those scratchy beards… And I think she was trying to figure out who was who! Yet the musicola wasn’t too musical, and everyone moved on. What next? Check back soon!

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