Traveling Forward with Creatures Nostalgia

The Reason for the Upset Nature of Iridollae the NornYoung Iridollae was still very much on her own, and she was the only Norn who was almost constantly wearing a frown. When she reached down to inspect the ball, I saw just what the problem was! Goodness, what a bunch of mixed up body parts. I think someone may have put a leg where an arm was supposed to go, and vice versa… Some may recall my attempts to fix the body data and sprites, and that project is still ongoing. Unfortunately, the program I was using to view the attachment points no longer works for me, so I need to find another solution. Everyone can get around decently well, and we can laugh at the silly stances!

Cheering On the Next Generation of NornsThe most exciting bit of news from the last update centered around Auratum and Bolanderi becoming soon-to-be-parents! She seemed to get the idea just by looking at a lemon, and knew she needed to find the perfect spot to lay her egg. Bolanderi got left behind, simply because he couldn’t keep up! Auratum was always a very independent Norn, and she quickly made her way to the island. Pentlandii and Hansonii greeted her, while the latter took a very personal interest in her. He stuck right by her as she got ready to lay that egg. Maybe he was a little too close… Back off, little sir!

Bonding Over a Brand New EggA brand new egg was a fascinating sight for everyone to see, yet Auratum and Hansonii took it upon themselves to take up guard positions on either side. They stayed right with it until I could pick it up and move it away. This reminded me of the relationship between two of my previous Norns, who bonded over guarding an egg and then stuck together throughout most of their lives. Perhaps Hansonii was much happier with Auratum than he had been with Iridollae. The most important thing was that the next generation was safe, and everyone seemed to be quite happy.

Running from a Rather Irate NornWell, almost everyone. Iridollae was rather rude to other Norns, possibly because she missed Hansonii and couldn’t find a good replacement for him. Poor Ledebourii gave her one more chance before he ran off as fast as his legs could take him! Iridollae followed with slow, calculated footsteps reminiscent of a horror movie villain. Although I’m sure I haven’t painted her out to be the nicest of Norns, she does have her nice qualities! It just seems like she has a chip on her shoulder from being left behind, and she decided that punishing anyone who comes near her is the best solution.

A Summertime Santa Norn BirthWhat better way to add more to the world than with a new baby Norn! Meet Martagon, the son of Krathlaysi and Hleengar. If he looks familiar, it’s because he’s the half-brother of Bolanderi. Plus by some bit of luck, they both emerged from bright green eggs! There are a few genetic mutations within Martagon’s genome, yet nothing too exciting popped into the equation. As I may have already mentioned, a seemingly “boring” genome can help keep a population from getting too mutated. Besides, Martagon looked adorable and unique enough without needing me to do a thorough writeup on some very minor genes.

Preparing for a New Norn PregnancyThat underground cart got moving again as Bolanderi traveled far from Auratum. Although there really aren’t any maternal nor paternal instincts in Creatures 1, I’ve found that most of my females tend to watch over eggs and babies more than my males. However, he wasn’t exactly lacking paternal instincts… Bolanderi found Candidum and attempted to show off his amazing physique by stretching and balancing above a honeypot. Or maybe he was attempting a strange proposal on one knee? Whatever his intentions, Candidum was pretty impressed and decided that it was a good time to start a family! The next generation looked like it might just be a large one at this rate.

Interrupting a Language LessonDuring all the excitement, I juggled teaching Martagon his vocabulary. That silly Iridollae made her way up the lift to meet the newest member of Albia, and promptly interrupted his lesson. She was rather rude with a few loud slaps, and baby Martagon was none too happy! He was quite sad and wanted to run away. Instead, I sent Iridollae down the lift and gave him some extra attention. I do believe there is an official name we can grant to someone: Iridollae the Irate.

A Cart Ride Back to the Familiar Places in AlbiaBolanderi convinced Candidum to find a special place to lay her egg, and she grudgingly obliged. Off they went, in a very mixed up manner! The way Norn body parts appear in a crowd can be hilarious. This journey “down in the underground” reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Labyrinth, which just celebrated its 30th anniversary a few days ago. Oddly enough, Creatures 1 has always felt vaguely reminiscent of that world. There have been many times when I’ve tried to work out a naming scheme to incorporate those characters, only there seem to be so few! I imagine I’ll find a way eventually, even if it means combining characters from a few similar movies. For now, I can simply make random references. Because Creatures and all its nostalgia is only forever. Not long at all.

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