The First Sightings of a Norndoll

The Start of a Creatures Norndoll AdventureSomeone finally escaped from storage and decided to make an appearance at Discover Albia! Many players may have heard of Norndolls, which were little plush beanbag figures that shipped with some versions of Creatures 2. They are rather rare, and quite adorable! My collection of Creatures merchandise is fairly small, yet this Norndoll has been hidden away for quite some time. Meet Fizzbee! She is a purple Norndoll with a rather skewed expression and a somewhat crooked smile. She tried to shake off the last bit of winter hibernation, although the weather is still not quite spring-like in our part of the world just yet. All the same, Fizzbee looked quite relaxed on the windowsill as she posed halfway between casual and formal. Chances are that she’ll be popping in from time to time to show what a Norn would do in real life! Prepare for some of the silliest things imaginable. I have far too many ideas, and we’ll see how well Fizzbee puts up with all of this. I hope she brings a bit of enjoyment and laughter into your day when she makes her future appearances!

The Illustrated Life of a Real NornThis little feature is leading up to the 20th anniversary of Creatures 1, scheduled for this November. Granted, Norndolls were designed for Creatures 2, but I think they’ll make an exception to join in the celebration! Do you have a Norndoll? It would be lovely to see what others are up to, and perhaps we’ll have a little virtual parade later in the year to add onto the festivities. I did hint at a few surprises that are in store for November. 20 years is quite a long time, and it’s been so exciting to see how Creatures 1 has evolved over the years while still retaining all of its great features. Step back and think of other games that have stood the test of time. Many do, and it’s awesome to know that Creatures 1 is one of them!

Watching the Random Antics of Fizzbee the NorndollWhere will Fizzbee go next? There is no set schedule, so she’ll be popping in randomly. It’s all up to chance! I also have other projects to work on, although I can now safely say that I’ll be joined by an official Norndoll. I still remember helping her “escape” from the box she came in so many years ago… She’s lucky to look so good after being crammed in that tiny space on the side of the Creatures 2 box! I have absolutely no photography skills, so I’m sure there will be more reasons to laugh. And that’s good! Fizzbee has a permanent smile, and that happiness is something to be shared. Keep an eye out for her! Maybe she’ll even find a few non-Norn friends along the way…

A Portrait of a Norndoll in Spring
Greetings from Fizzbee the Norndoll!

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