Looking Ahead to 20 Years of Creatures

Celebrating 20 Years Since the Release of CreaturesI have been heavily focused on Creatures 1 lately, mainly for an important reason that some may not know: This November marks the 20th anniversary of Creatures! It’s amazing that time has flown by so quickly. For such an old game, it certainly has stood the test of time. I have a couple of surprises in store after reaching out to several individuals… Suffice to say that there are some major players who are on board with doing at least a little something to mark the occasion! Hopefully the community will enjoy these surprises, and enjoy this landmark.

Looking Back and to the Future of CreaturesDoes anyone have plans to celebrate? I don’t intend to put a monopoly on the occasion: This is something that everyone should be able to celebrate! The 20th anniversary of any game is a wonderful accomplishment, particularly when the game still works and attracts new players. I’ll discuss some ideas for community events, but I hope that every Creatures 1 player is looking forward to this anniversary. Long live the game that started it all!

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