Decoding and Filling in the Holes of the C1 Cheese

Aging the Improved C1 CheeseOddly enough, updating the Creatures 1 cheese seemed like one of the easier projects. Although it’s taking some extra work and research, I’m glad for the challenge! We’ll mark this down as the necessary aging process for cheese. Definitely. Can’t enjoy a proper piece of cheese unless it’s been aged correctly! Luckily, I have just a few more rounds of testing to go through and a few additional tweaks. This update will be ready soon enough! If I had the time, I would be working on these Creatures 1 improvements every day. Improving the CAOS has been a fun part of the project, yet I hit a standstill when I remembered that the Health Kit includes the option to inject cheese.

Deciphering the Creatures Health KitThe updated cheese causes this to crash the game without fail, and I felt odd releasing something that wasn’t fully safe. Although there wasn’t a huge amount of feedback, it was clear that waiting was the right option! I must give a huge amount of thanks to Lone Shee of The Shee’s Lost Knowledge for being so kind and helping me understand how to create a fix for the doctor’s page. I partially understood her wonderful tutorial, but I’m a complete amateur when it comes to hex editing. So after crashing my game dozens of times, I was fortunate enough to get a more detailed explanation from her. And suddenly it all wasn’t so bad after all! I think this applies to a lot of features of Creatures.

Decoding a Creatures File with a Hex EditorDoes this look scary and foreign? I had no clue how to decipher this, which is a screenshot from a program called HxD. I’ve never worked with hex codes… And I had no idea what I was looking at. For those who have followed along with some CAOS Practice, though, part of this code should look quite familiar. It’s CAOS! After learning about the basics, I finally caught on and understood what was going on with this file. Like Creatures genetics and CAOS, a little practice goes a long way.

An End Result of Experimenting with the Creatures Health KitThere is no program that can read the doctor’s page (the file is simply called “Health”), so it’s a little difficult to approach. I want to finish up the cheese and get it released, yet I’m planning a tutorial to explain more about how to edit this file. By no means do I know everything… No one does! I encourage everyone to explore the various areas of Creatures, since there is a lot to learn. Sometimes the most challenging stuff that makes absolutely no sense can be the most rewarding. Getting to that “A-ha!” moment is worth all the time and effort. Keep an eye out for a tutorial that will expand on Lone Shee’s example, and hopefully make another file format a little more approachable for all sorts of players. And that delicious new cheese will be on your Creatures shelf soon, too!

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