Pre-Release Excitement at Discover Albia

The Last of the Creatures CluesSprinkled throughout the last few posts have been hidden clues related to the strange sight I cryptically announced a couple of weeks ago. That Creatures 1 telescope finally found the last clue right up there in the stars! Ignore the fact that these stars were taken from Creatures 3, prior to the existence of said telescope… Have you gathered them all and figured out the secret? There were a few interesting guesses, and hopefully the unveiling will be exciting! Just when is this release? Tomorrow! I don’t have an exact time, but it’s all set and ready to go. Apparently I can pull off an early deadline after all! Initially I had thought this would be coming towards the end of June. No extras for figuring it out, but an early release may be better!

The Moments Before the Reveal of a Discover Albia MysteryI am notorious for getting overexcited and abusing the exclamation point, yet I think this situation deserves it! The community will be the judge of that, though. You might want to keep it a secret until the official unveiling tomorrow, although I’m not sure how I’ve gone this long without telling anyone about it. Be sure to check Discover Albia sometime tomorrow: Don’t miss out!

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