A Grendel Rescue Mission and New Friendship

Braving the Creatures 1 Submarine and OceanOne of my Creatures 1 Grendels, Pentlandii, headed off on his own while the Norns worked out a few differences. Candidum, one of the younger Norns, seemed to be turning into the leader without trying. She put Bolanderi in his place, and he appeared to ease up on the slapping. Success! Yet she wasn’t done. Pentlandii was all alone, possibly the result of an unexpected slap. The solution? Candidum hopped right on board that submarine and convinced the baby Grendel to return with her. What a happy journey it was! Pentlandii was still very well hidden. Can you spot his joyful face? Perhaps this was the friendship I had hoped to see between a Grendel and Norn this generation.

New Creatures Friends Cuddled Up for a NapSure enough, I snapped an adorable picture of Candidum and Pentlandii. Traveling underwater tired them out, and they cuddled up near each other. Too cute! I’ve noticed that the updated genome these Grendels and Norns use seems to encourage frequent naps, but not to an alarming degree. It’s not like they’re all sleeping half the time! It just seems like they’re being more independent with their sleeping habits, which is a huge plus. I would be happy to share the genome, although there are some other things I would love to change in the future… Like the immune system. I pondered these things as Candidum and Pentlandii dreamt on and made Albia one adorable place.

Just a note that this is not the major release I posted about. It isn’t quite “tomorrow” in my part of the world yet. This was just too cute not to share right away! However, the next post will feature the big announcement. Keep an eye out!

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