The End of the Loneliness in Albia

Welcoming a New Addition to AlbiaAfter a short break from hatching eggs, I jumped right back over to the incubator. Meet Iridollae! This absolutely adorable Norn is a part of the sixth generation, yet she is another first generation Norn designed to bring in some unique appearance genes. After all, Creatures 1 is never quite complete without a Banana Norn! She had one very happy expression to share right after her egg shattered. She actually stood frozen in place with that smile for a little while. Iridollae looked like an ode to happiness! We hopped aboard the lift and went straight to work on her vocabulary lessons, which went very quickly. Then she discovered the honeypot, and I had a few moments to sneak off.

An Instant Friend for a Lonely NornWhile most of my Norns and Grendels had ventured rather far in the world, young Hansonii only took a few steps into the garden before turning back. His entire life was wrapped up in the incubator and kitchen area, yet it was a rather lonely time for him. He was quite surprised when someone took a journey down the lift to meet him! Iridollae was ecstatic to meet another Norn, yet Hansonii won the biggest smile contest! Sometimes Creatures who meet early in life stick together forever, and others only spend a little time in each other’s company. I hoped this pair would manage to at least remain friends until adulthood. They looked too cute together! I noticed that they were perfectly content to sit around and just stare at one another for minutes at a time. I’ll gladly take that behavior to the massive chaos that often occurs in the groups. Quiet Norn friendships are fantastic.

Candidum the Norn and Her Peaceful WaysCandidum already proved herself as a peacemaker with her rescue of Pentlandii and ability to calm Bolanderi. She was quickly becoming one popular Norn! Auratum had taken to running everywhere. Literally. She gave up walking and just ran around with a silly grin on her face. Candidum followed her around, presumably to ensure she didn’t crash into a wall or fall down! Jucunda still hadn’t found her place in the group, yet I snapped this picture just as her expression went from a frown to a smile. What happened? Candidum gave her a little tickle on the head.

An Artistic Form of Posing in Creatures 1I was convinced that Pentlandii was a professional camouflage artist. He knew just where to stop so I had to search for him! I sensed a sulky attitude about him, likely because no one really thanked him for the great deathcap mushroom escape. This world wasn’t the kindest, yet Pentlandii was getting used to the social customs! The jungle also wasn’t much of a scary place anymore. He may still have been a baby, but he was learning quickly. On that note, my Grendels will live about twice as long as my Norns, so they’ll be in each life stage quite a bit longer. Luckily, baby Grendels are adorable!

The Return Trip from a Norn VacationThe only Creature on his own was Bolanderi, the oldest male Norn. He seemed to have a temper and a penchant for slapping others, so I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief when he ventured forth in the submarine on his own. He spent a long time on the island all by himself. I visited him a couple of times, yet the solitary confinement seemed to suit him! A couple of carrots held him over while he mulled his behavior over in his mind. We may never know exactly what a Norn is thinking about, but I was pretty sure that Bolanderi was comparing the differences between tickling and slapping. Finally, he jumped back in the submarine on his return trip. What was waiting for him?

A Lone Norn and His Changed AttitudeThe welcoming committee was out in full force! Auratum, Candidum, and Jucunda crowded around Bolanderi to celebrate his return. They were a little reserved until he told them of his intentions. Remember that “push Norn” is a good thing, and indicates anything from a tickle to a kisspop. But no slapping, thankfully! In hindsight, Bolanderi never had much time to himself. His violent behavior might have been a way for him to try to be alone. Although ineffective, I probably should have paid more attention to his intentions. After all, Norns and Grendels typically need a little help and understanding to lead happy lives. Be nice, Bolanderi!

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