Invasion of the Creatures 4 Norn Figurines

The highlight of the day was the opening of a special package from Belgium! Not only was I greeted with a beautiful piece of artwork, but I was pleased to find not one, not two, but three Creatures 4 Norn figurines! Special thanks to Fishing Cactus for making me one happy person this weekend. What a lovely trio they made as they “invaded” a small village… On my dining room table. Ha! I had secretly hoped for one of the figurines with the downward ears and green eyes, and the entire cast made a perfect picture together! Luckily, they were kind enough not to cause any damage to the surrounding buildings.

I did catch the middle Norn giving me a rather cheeky look… This one could be a troublemaker! I plan to share more photos very soon, including shots of the boxes and the wonderful postcard sized image I received. There is also rumor of these C4 Norns figurines taking a journey into a house a little more their own size, and possibly having some photo opportunities with some rather adorable Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families. Although my focus will continue to be on the Creatures games, don’t be surprised if this trio shows up for some fun images! Some say they still have yet to meet a very old, related friend. Thanks again, Fishing Cactus, for these figurines!

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