Making Decisions About an Aquatic World

Preparing the Breeds for a New Creatures WorldAfter narrowing down the parameters of my underwater world with a change in metarooms, all was coming along swimmingly! I began to test out a few different breeds to see who might work out best. I was slightly biased in favor of the Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norns, yet it was one of these who passed into the mysterious part of the world. These Norns were quite prolific at breeding, which had its pros and cons. There was always the option to edit their genome slightly to reduce the rate of pregnancies. The test phase was still rather early, however: Perhaps this wasn’t so bad.

An Aquatic Norn with a SeahorseAnother breed I took a close look at were the Reef Gliders, from Grendel Man. They might not have come in all sorts of colors like the Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norns, but I was rather impressed with them! My small test group was much more modest in terms of population growth, all while maintaining their health. I usually stick with a single underwater breed, as each one has a unique set of images and body data. Mixing breeds can lead to floating body parts and odd attachment issues. There was also the added worry of Slider Syndrome when crossing Colortrue with non-Colortrue breeds. However, I was ready to take the plunge! If any issues arose, there was only one thing to say… Must be something in the water!

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