Norn Brothers Together at the End

Reuniting the Norn BrotherhoodWith his garden vacation behind him, Preetar headed back to the island to meet up with his brother again. For being half-brothers who met up somewhat late in life, they were quite a pair! Preetar was practically always happy, while Thrennion had something to worry his little mind. Still, the latter was happy to be reunited with his good friend again! It was a lonely existence on the Albian island, owing to the fact that Dahloi and Zelroo never traveled far from their spots. They weren’t going anywhere for anyone!

The Death of a Memorable NornAs life so often happens, though, Preetar had somewhere to go, and Thrennion couldn’t follow. After 12 hours and 14 minutes of living a full life, Preetar left us all. Thrennion took the loss very hard: He ran away from Preetar, backed up, and seemed utterly confused as to why his brother wasn’t getting up. My Norns were down to just two, while my lone Grendel continued to keep the link back to the very beginning of this generation. Farewell, dear Preetar. Although you were known for your careless slaps, you had a good heart and brought a lot to Albia. Rest in peace. I headed off with Thrennion, hoping that he wouldn’t feel too lonely.

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