The Next C1 Project: Cheese or Honey?

Choosing the Order to Improve the Final Creatures Food ItemsCreatures 1 has seen some improvements lately, and I’ve been having a wonderful time learning CAOS while fixing up the food items! With the carrots and lemons working correctly, it’s about time to decide on the next project! I have plenty of ideas for other objects, yet I would like to finish out the food category before moving on. This should finally give Norns and Grendels a complete diet without any confusion. All that’s left are the cheese and honey… But which one to work on first? Both are not as bad and don’t create too much confusion, although there are both major and minor improvements I have in mind. Tentatively, these fixes will include:

Cheese Updates

  • Dropped Pose: Add in functionality so cheese pieces can face left or right when dropped
  • Replenishing Supply: Make it easy to find new cheese pieces (Likely in the form of a new refrigerator COB)

Honey Updates

  • Chemical Improvements: Balance honey’s drive reducers and nutritional value a little more
  • Dropped Pose: Add in functionality so empty honeypots can face left or right when dropped
  • Invisibility: Make empty honeypots invisible to avoid any eating confusion
  • New Design: Create an alternate, optional honeypot design that can be used in all languages

Continuing the Project for Better Food in Creatures 1Likely there will be other improvements once I take the time to really dig into the CAOS codes. Both food items are important, but rather than make the decision myself, I leave it up to you! Would you prefer to have improved cheese or improved honey? Both will be done: It’s all a matter of what you would like to see first! If all goes well, this could even turn into a quick release of two food items, although I won’t make any promises until things have gotten to the testing stage. That’s where the holdup happened with the lemons… I’m excited to finish up with the food items in Creatures 1! My other plans span across Albia, and I hope that I’ll be able to make C1 a better overall game.

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