Down in the Creatures Underground

The Secret Underground World of Creatures 1Young Auratum was already on her way to exploring Albia when I last saw her with Jucunda, yet she really flew out of the nest! Not only did she grow into a child, but she was exploring the underground realm of Creatures 1. Some Norns tend to explore, and others will spend a good portion of their lives near the kitchen and garden. Although Norns are on the simpler side of complex beings, they do have their personalities! Auratum was on her way to being one of the more adventurous Norns I had seen in awhile. She was still thrilled when I brought a carrot over to her! Eventually I would love to add food sources all over Albia to let everyone be independent… But I also love taking care of everyone.

Quick Lifts and Slow Grendel ResponsesJucunda, the lone Grendel, was a little too shy to hop on board the cart with Auratum. She stayed behind to enjoy a little quiet time. Perhaps she missed her beloved computer? Nevertheless, I was surprised when the very young Bolanderi suddenly showed up! Jucunda seemed interested, but she wasn’t quick enough to catch the lift as the little Norn tested out the buttons. I did a quick examination of the genome updates to see if I might have caused this sudden increase in Albian tourism. It looks like Auratum and Bolanderi just prefer to travel! Perhaps they’ll meet up and find a way to travel together. It looked like Jucunda wasn’t the best fit as a traveling companion, although she had her own exciting life to lead! She wouldn’t be the only Grendel for long…

Drifting Off to Sleep on the Creatures CartWhat is a bad place as a resting spot? Something that moves! Auratum made it to the other side of the underground tunnel and promptly fell asleep before she could go exploring. Go figure! The cart carried her back to her starting point while she dreamt of all she would do. Although her adventure was cut short, I was happy to see that she was learning to take care of herself. The only time that sleep is a bad thing is when a Norn is ill. Sleeping can actually kill him or her while glucose and glycogen are used up. In those cases, Norns should be kept awake and eating. Luckily, Auratum was quite healthy!

A Long Journey for a Newborn NornBolanderi had no time for the finer points of resting! The world was still way too exciting for him to turn away from. I forgot to move the can of hootch, so he may or may not have downed the entire container before I noticed… I let him lug around the empty can, though, and pretended like nothing happened. He was far more taken in by the strange contraption that could almost fly. He still had a few more minutes before I really needed to worry about him getting in his first nap, but he was still under ten minutes old. That was a lot of ground he covered! Those little legs got a good workout, and his mind kept drinking in all of the new sights. This little corner of Albia is often a little dark and damp, but it makes a rather nice spot for youngsters.

Jucunda the Grendel and a Visit the Albian CanopyWhile the interesting scenes of the Albian underground appealed to Auratum and Bolanderi, Jucunda finally caught the lift and traveled all the way up to the treetops. The gleaming sunlight and fresh air lulled her off to sleep. She looked so tiny in that lift! It was at this moment that I remembered something… In every instance, I use the word “elevator” to describe one of these things. Yet when I first got Creatures 1, the recommendation was to use the word “lift” and I thought it corresponded to a completely different contraption. Even when I realized that “lift” and “elevator” are different words for the same thing, I still stuck with the former. I will always refer to these Creatures 1 elevators as lifts! Plus, it’s a quicker word to type… But that’s not really the reason I use it. Ha!

 A Second Attempt by Auratum at ExplorationThe nap ended and Auratum was slightly surprised to see that the cart was moving again! This time, she was headed in the direction of her original adventure. So after a little unconscious interlude, she was back on track! I was looking forward to seeing what she would do in the settlement, or if she would turn right back around. After all, she had yet to meet Bolanderi. Maybe she would decide to take him along for her journey. More importantly, there were whispers in the dark currents that something was headed towards the incubator. It wasn’t exactly a secret, since Jucunda was the only Grendel around! I thought about what it might be like to hatch a few eggs at once… Yet the few times I attempted this, chaos ensued! Plus I like to give each newborn at least a few minutes of one-on-one time to make sure that he or she knows that the hand is good.

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