The Calm Before the Storm in C3/DS

On my return visit to Remniova, my C3/DS world, I had an enormous list of things to do. There were eggs to hatch, names to choose, marks to apply, agents to inject, and several details to be ironed out. Almost immediately, Brenlee and Nevorria kisspopped and added a layer of complexity to my plans! Luckily, this was a single pregnancy for Nevorria. Her last litter of three still needed to hatch, and here she was, running about with a rapidly growing tummy! I though the pregnancy rate in Creatures 1 was a little crazy, but this was absolute madness! After she laid her egg, I moved Brenlee to another area of C1toDS to prevent any more pregnancies, and to give me some free time.

The first egg cracked open to reveal a little female, whom I named Cadyla and immediately moved to the Norn Meso. I was far too busy to go into a genetics analysis: I figured I would save that for the future. As with her sisters, all of the alpha couple’s daughters would eventually be exported. They had made good company for the other females, though. Yet with so many, the food sources were dwindling and it was getting difficult to keep up with everyone. A mass export might not have been the ideal solution, but I planned on finding a home for the exported Norns… Perhaps in an entirely new world where they could thrive!

Another few minutes went by, and I welcomed a little male into Creatures 3/Docking Station. This bundle of joy was named Gontor, and he was brought to the learning room moments after birth. He might have held the record for the fastest time in making it to the Norn Terrarium: He sensed the door, and practically ran through it! Well, crawled was probably more accurate, but Gontor was on a mission! All of the other males were already making their homes in the Norn Terrarium. He had a little catching up to do, but he was determined to fit in!

Nevorria’s newest egg raced through its growth, and actually beat out the final egg from her last litter! This fast mover is Tinver. He spent some time running into the wall in the learning room, which is on the opposite side from the door. I worried for a moment that he had lost his bearings, and might be the first to have trouble moving to the Norn Terrarium. Tinver might not have been as quick as his brothers, but he soon traveled through the door and discovered a whole new world of other Norns and delectable food!

Finally, the last of the eggs hatched to reveal yet another male, whom I named Fewlin. He was the seventh male to begin the alpha male succession test, and also the twelfth child of Brenlee and Nevorria. I exported the alpha couple at that point, since they seemed lost without one another, yet I was not in favor of another pregnancy! Little Fewlin struggled to move away from the learning room, as he became fascinated with the door. Never fear: He, too, successfully made it to the Norn Terrarium!

According to the recent Facebook poll about the preferred breed for a new female, the Bondi and Hardman Norns tied. Since I introduced her a little late, I decided on a Hardman Norn named Saedra. A Bondi Norn will be introduced for the third generation, which should not take too long! Saedra was given the purple claw as her mark, and I also installed the Creature Nametags from Amaikokonut for easier identification… Both for myself, and Discover Albia readers! Saedra got on well in the Norn Meso, though she preferred to be alone.

One somewhat forgotten Norn was Seyon: When I named Saedra, I realized the name reminded me of someone! Seyon was still in the exact same spot where she had settled in long ago. She had plenty to eat, although she also slept like a professional. Even a visiting bird did not disturb her slumber! I was tempted to export her, yet I figured I would leave her the chance to breed one day. Maybe she could become the next alpha female: Brenlee simply might not have appealed to her. At least she was generally happy on her own.

Aside from Seyon, there were four females in the world and seven males. Although it might seem like the population was growing out of control, only one of the males would be able to stay in Remniova to become the alpha male. The others would be exported. For the following generations, I believe the alpha couple will be exported when they have produced between five and seven males. There is a chance that they might die before adulthood: Handar, the eldest, actually contracted an illness and began sneezing. Fortunately, he overcame it, but the youngsters are not necessarily safe in the Norn Terrarium.

It was now a waiting game. Once all of the females and males became fertile at the youth or adult stage, they would be brought together to determine the alpha couple. There were probably around twenty to thirty minutes of waiting before everything would become hectic! Which of these females would become the next alpha female? Would all of the males survive, and who would be the lucky one? The waiting would not be too long! Is there any interest in a video surrounding the determination of the next alpha couple? Post away!

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