The Death That Tore Albia Apart

It was merely a matter of time before Skuld, my beloved Grendel, passed away. I was not sure of her exact life span, but she lived for about 13 hours and 20 minutes. Albia seemed lost without her: She had been around for so much, and often migrated around the world with the rest of the Norns. Skuld was surrounded by four or five Norns at just about the moment she died, and many stopped by to look at her still body with sad hearts. Skuld was a Grendel like none other, and yet another example of how caring Grendels can be. Her ghoulish exterior never fooled me: She was a lover, through and through, just like many Grendels truly are.

Hopefully Skuld can rest in peace, and watch over Albia from wherever she may be. Although I say it time and time again, I stress to every Creatures 1 player that the Grendel is not a species to fear. With a little time and understanding, a Grendel can become a wonderful companion and addition to any world.

Apparently, Skuld decided to take the entire world with her upon her death! I panicked many times over the error, but it appears that the world is corrupt, rather than the game itself. I was able to start a new world with no troubles. I continue to try to revive the current world file, yet nothing seems to work. The good news is that many of the Norns were nearing the end of their lives when I last played, and almost all of the Norns had conceived at least one child. The bad news, of course, is that my last backup copy is horribly outdated, thus leaving me with a lost population. One option is to use the genomes of the still living Norns and hatch brand new clones… However, I imagine that these would feel like imposters. I still have four eggs to hatch to complete the second generation. I could easily hatch these in a new world, although they would grow up without any interaction with the former Norns. I feel terrible for losing this world: Terrible for me, because I was growing attached to the younger ones, and terrible for readers who wanted to follow these Norns throughout their lives.

The moral here is to create backups whenever possible! It’s not necessary to do every minute, but I will certainly be creating backups on a regular basis in the future. Hopefully another disaster like this can be avoided.

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