The End of a Generation of Norns

And so the egg hatching forged forward! An adorable daughter from Poplis appeared from her first egg. She seemed to have the typical appearance of many of the Norns, although it certainly wasn’t a bad combination. Wynda settled right in when I brought her to the Norn Meso, and it wasn’t long before she was exploring her surroundings. I had a brief moment when I realized that I was pretty much letting these baby Norns fend for themselves from the start. Somehow, I felt a little guilty.

Before Wynda’s sibling could emerge, the first of Elania’s children burst from her shell! Xaria had the same Bengal and Zebra Norn look, although careful inspection revealed a Magma Norn face. Those golden curls all look so similar! I also realized that I had the wrong mark above one of the females: The red spirals and yellow bells had become quite common, but I was fortunate that it had only been a one time occurrence. I’m not quite sure if they help anyone, although I still remember their original female lines! Many have gone off into other worlds via CreatureLink: Hopefully they lived long lives!

Elania’s second egg was the next to hatch, popping open to show off a little male named Yerif. It also dawned on me that my naming convention meant that he was the 25th baby to be born in this world! Luckily, many had been exported, so that it wasn’t completely overrun. Yet I was surprised over what one male could do! Yerif took his place among the other exported Norns, and would hopefully soon find a new home.

Speaking of Topin, I caught him apparently stomping the ground to make the carrots grow faster! Since I separated him from Davira, he had traveled all the way to the other side of Veridia. Once there, he realized that he was all alone. For a long time, the solitude was a good friend to Topin. The other females minded their own business, and stuck to eating, rather than seeking out the clearly worn out alpha male. Topin eventually began to complain about his loneliness: I was a bit of help, although I still kept my presence in the world to a minimum. Perhaps this original picture was actually a temper tantrum brought on by Topin when he realized that he was on his own. It sure cut down on the number of eggs!

On that subject, the third of Elania’s eggs held another male named Zamon. I let him enjoy the robot for a moment, since he was inevitably headed to the exported Norn folder. As much as I get attached to certain Norns, I still have yet to really feel a connection with these C3/DS Norns. It’s most likely due to the fact that they only stick around for an hour or two, and I’m often busy hatching new eggs. I probably only spend a few minutes with any single Norn, while my C1 Norns can’t seem to get rid of me! I’m not sure which group is more fortunate…

Not one to be last, the final egg from Poplis shuddered and opened to reveal Wynda’s sister, Amanora. She showed an intelligent mind from the start, when she politely ate some carrots in the Norn Meso, but didn’t shove them all into her mouth at once! These descendants of the first Bengal Norn, indicated by the red spirals, still retained many of their original appearance genes. It was a shame that the Bengal Norn head had not been passed along, but that’s the gamble with this world concept.

To my dismay, the last of Elania’s four eggs was another male, which meant that she only had one daughter to pass along her genes. Bexad was rather adorable, though, and I was sure he would make a wonderful adoption for someone down the line! That left me with just two eggs to hatch. It was a pleasant feeling to be caught up… Sometimes it gets pretty stressful, although it’s still enjoyable.

Xeeril’s first egg had one criteria correct: It was a girl! Carthial inherited her mother’s predominantly Bengal Norn appearance, but regrettably missed out on the Siamese Norn head. Still, Carthial was much different than the others, and her little striped body was one to adore. It was almost palpably tense as I waited for Xeeril’s final egg… Would this be a male? Would it even have a Siamese Norn head as I hoped for? The crackling of the egg seemed like the only sound in world as I anxiously stared at it, waiting for fate to answer my neverending string of questions.

Luck was on my side! Dilae carefully climbed out of her shell, looking like a tiny mirror image of her mother. She even inherited the tail I had been hoping for! Life in the Norn Meso was a happy one with so many young females, although it was far from overcrowded. The males were also faring quite well, and no one had passed away mysteriously like Athik and Benwit had. Some even traveled to the communications room, with no ill effects. Strange! Or maybe this was exactly the way things were meant to be.

Yenki and Hiara were the only females who had not born any children. I was torn: I could wait it out and hope that they would breed with Topin, but that could take a long time. They had already passed by him at least once before, so it was almost as if they had an opportunity already. Only Seyon from long ago in the first generation had been kept around for the next generation, yet most of her life was spent stuck in an area she could not escape from. My thought is to export Yenki and Hiara and offer them on CreatureLink. They each had sisters who successfully carried on their family lines. There were also enough females to make the next generation diverse. This would mean a short wait, and then the next alpha couple would begin their reign!

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