A Retired Alpha Couple and a Special Duo

Another early death was waiting to greet me in Creatures Docking Station: Zinsi passed away in an eerily similar and perplexing way as that of Santia. It could not have been a gene, for they were from different mothers. I also didn’t notice anything unusually out of the ordinary about either of their mutations. Although Zinsi was also healthy at her death, according to the Hover Doc, I still wondered if there was something that might have been the cause of death for both of these young females. I made sure there was a good supply of food for everyone before heading off. Hopefully Zinsi will rest in peace: It looks like her final moments were not filled with pain, thankfully.

My attention was now focused on the clutch of four eggs that the alpha couple had produced. One of the most difficult things is to get them all to hatch in order… Or maybe I’m just the world’s worst Norn egg tender! In any event, the first egg crackled open to reveal a very handsome male named Remdor. I thought he was very well put together, even if he was a mix of several different Norn breeds. I try to balance diversity with appearances that mix well together. It might not be a terrible thing to have a very unique Norn in the population every now and then, though! The marks are still very useful in distinguishing Norns: Sometimes, a crazy pigment also works!

Fawkix and Naeda’s second egg held a beautiful female Norn, whom I named Julis. She was yet another example of how different Norn parts could mix together very well! It was love at first sight when she found herself in her new home: The Norn Meso. Ultimately, Julis would not spend a very long period of time in Remniova with her sisters and half-sisters. She wasted no time in becoming part of the pack, though! A little Norn can always make a big scene, when he or she wants to.

Another Norn who made a scene was Julis’s brother, Topin. He was actually born out of order, as some of the last eggs tend to hatch more quickly. It could just be the way I carry around the eggs, or maybe these last eggs don’t want to be the youngest! Topin tried to interact with his unhatched sibling before being carried away to the learning room. He ended up finding it quite cozy, and took a long time to emerge from the door. He needed no encouragement to eat, however: Topin virtually vacuumed up a small area before he decided that his tummy was full! It was a good start to an independent life.

The final member of this litter was Guffin, another male. Apparently, Fawkix and Naeda got the message that I was worried about not having enough young males to compete and carry on the family line! I loved Guffin’s tail, and how it stood out like a bronze statue. He would have looked identical to his older brother, Topin, and it seemed like he wanted to make a statement. That was, after all, the theme of this litter! Guffin took the longest to make it out of the learning room and into the Norn terrarium, but he certainly made it and enjoyed his first meal!

With seven sons, I decided that it was time to retire the alpha couple. I was still very fond of Naeda, and it was awesome that I had pegged her to be the next alpha female as soon as I saw her. Her legacy would continue to live on, and perhaps she would end up with a new home through CreatureLink! I still have a number of Norns to add, and hopefully they will be posted this week. Naeda took a well deserved rest, and found herself sucked into an odd turquoise bubble as she was exported. Fawkix remained for a short time, for it seemed that he had one more goal to accomplish…

Finally, Fawkix took notice of Ryleen and granted her the honor of becoming a mother for the first time! I was prepared to keep her around until the next generation, as was the case with Seyon. She had other plans, though, and was quite content in maintaining a quiet role. Perhaps she would not have fared very well as the alpha female… It certainly requires a lot of strength to bear so many baby Norns! After she laid her two eggs, I exported Ryleen and waved farewell. Fawkix surveyed his kingdom one final time before temporarily joining the other exported Norns.

Luckily for Ryleen, her first egg hatched into a beautiful little female! Even more wonderful was the fact that Xeeril was identical to her mother, right down to her white-tipped tail. She was much more reserved and shy than other Norns, and she kept to herself in the Norn Meso when possible. Norns show certain personality traits every now and then, even though most of their behaviors can be attributed to the environment or genetics. I still like to think that there is another element that makes Norns who they are.

Ryleen’s second egg contained Xeeril’s twin brother, Kirkik. He was exported immediately, although he would not live in a lonely folder for too long. In the case of the early death of an alpha male, I may use one of these inferior males, depending on the timing and circumstances. The genetic pool of this population is fairly limited, but at least there are some ways to keep it moderately diversified. And in the worst case, it just means more adoptable Norns to add to CreatureLink! Make sure to check in for the Creatures 1 Norns.

As I started to jump around to watch the males and females begin to grow, I came across a very strange occurrence in Denlex. The Hover Doc showed that his needs were fairly low, and that he was not carrying any toxins, other than histamine A. Yet his life force was at about 4%, while the rest of the Norns normally sat between 25% and 35%. I brought him some food, yet he just stared at himself. The only information I got from him was, “Denlex dislike Jessica.” Why, thank you! Even a lot of tickles couldn’t convince him otherwise.

I noticed a similar problem happening with his identical twin brother, Frimtio. These two brothers had been such a comical duo from the start, yet I was dismayed to find some harmful genetic mutations. Their hunger for carbohydrate receptor was actually inverted: The more they needed carbohydrates, the less their drive would be. Frimtio also displayed a sleeping problem, where he was unable to wake up on his own. They seemed to require constant attention, and needed regular reminders to eat. I left them with life forces at around 5%: They can definitely recover, but I really think they could create many issues should either become the next alpha male. I think the best course of action is to export them, either to nurture myself, or to send off to someone who would be able to take care of them. Would anyone be interested? Denlex and Frimtio also have a few pose mutations, so they often make angry faces and dance. They’re cute and funny, but should be carefully watched.

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