An Update on the Creatures 1 Grendel

I am pleased to announce that the updated Creatures 1 Grendel is almost complete! All female sprites and body data files have been updated, save for the actual head. This is the reason why the female on the left looks a tad bit disjointed! My goal today was to run a fairly long test run to ensure that there were no serious issues remaining. Ultimately, I hope to convert this updated version to Creatures 2 and Creatures 3/Docking Station: The fewer issues, the better! Making changes on the way adds a lot of extra time, yet I know it will be worth it.

The baby male Grendel is easily one of the most adorable creatures in the game. This one could have been cuddled, had it been possible! The one issue that seems to be hard-coded into Creatures 1 is the fact that the head sprite always appears in the front: Notice how this little guy’s arm is attached in the correct spot, but his fingers emerge from behind his head. It’s just one of those silly little things that adds to the charm of the game! The males have been completed for some time, and I’m very happy with how they turned out. It was simple compared to the in-depth projects, yet I learned a lot!

Some little sprite issues were left untouched to keep up with the appearance of the classic C1 Grendel. I never imagined them as having a perfect, streamlined appearance. However, any major gait problems should have been corrected. Additionally, head position was one of the other larger improvements: When a Grendel wants to look up, his or her head actually does so! Honestly, how in the world have they been seeing anything properly?

As I move into the final phase of creating the female Grendel head, I would love to hear feedback on what would be the most appealing appearance. Have a specific eye color in mind? Or perhaps a certain type of hairstyle would be a nice addition? All suggestions and ideas are welcome! I would like to create something brand new, although the original concept can certainly still be used. Or, perhaps the exact original is the best option. Offer up your opinion!

Note the random floating pixels in front of the female Grendel’s face above. This also occurs with some of the other breeds, particularly the Forest Norn. I plan on releasing a lot of updates for the Creatures 1 Norns, and I’m almost positive I know how to fix this. Those floating pixels drive me crazy! It’s a combination of body data coordinates and individual sprite image sizes. I have a huge list of things to update: Additionally, mixed breeds should flow together a tad bit better once I’m done. Keep an eye out for that release later in the year!

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