The CCSF 2012

Every year, the Creatures Community Spirit Festival celebrates the Creatures games and the community as a whole. I was very honored and flattered to have been voted in as this year’s coordinator! I hope to make the CCSF 2012 something enjoyable for everyone, as well as an event that we can all be proud of. Each year’s festival is something that brings Creatures players together more than ever, and that sense of excitement and togetherness is something I look forward to experiencing this year!

The only downside to this news is the fact that Discover Albia may have less updates than usual over the coming months. My time will mainly go towards the CCSF 2012, although I don’t imagine that I’ll be abandoning my Norns for a long period of time! It will give readers a chance to catch up, if need be, or simply offer a break from my incessant Creatures chatter! I also would like to work on a few CCSF releases of my own.

Planning is underway at Creatures Caves! Feel free to offer any ideas or suggestions. At the moment, I’m working towards nailing down some of the major details as quickly as possible. Last year’s CCSF took place in the beginning of November, and we already figured out the theme in mid-July. Although we’re running a little behind schedule, I’m confident that the CCSF 2012 will be something to remember!

Stay tuned for more updates about the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2012. Make sure to plan ahead for any releases: Everyone is encouraged to participate, whether a submission is a poem or metaroom! Nothing is too small to include, and no idea is a bad one. The CCSF 2012 will most likely take place in the beginning of November. Although it seems like it’s a long way away, it will be here before we know it!

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