A Real Time Look at Creatures 1

I was just about to settle in for a usual Creatures 1 update, when I realized that this would mark my 300th post related to the first game in the series! My plan was already to create a video this weekend, so I jumped into Albia ready to experience the chaos of Norn and Grendel in real time. Naturally, nothing went completely smoothly! Enjoy this new Creatures video, which follows in the footsteps of the last Creatures 1 post. There are a number of different COBs I use in my world, so feel free to ask if you see anything unfamiliar! Perhaps more actual gameplay videos will soon be interspersed with the usual sort of updates. Have fun seeing what my Norns and Grendels have been up to. I’m sure you’ll also share in the frustration of having Creatures who refuse to eat. Meet a few of them in this video!

A Look at the Creatures 1 World of Albia

Enjoyed the video? Make sure to share your thoughts! I try my best to post a wide range of information and anecdotes in different formats. Not everyone will love these longer length videos, but no worries! I plan on sticking to a much shorter time for the majority of future videos. Speaking of which, another one should be posted soon with a tour and real time view of my C3/DS Geat world. With a recent addition, the world is more colorful and easier to distinguish where each Gaius is located. For now, Adaon and Astrapia wish you a very happy weekend! Stay tuned for more video updates!

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