A Version of Vehicle Mayhem in Albia

Apparently mixed up sprites can lead to rather interesting poses… Particularly for Pipit! He decided to take a nap while traveling in the cable car. He was supposed to be looking down, yet this look was far more interesting. Despite his unconscious state, he seemed to really enjoy the gentle rocking motion. Back and forth Pipit flew through the air above the garden! He was completely free from illnesses, thank goodness. It seemed like this was just the time when antigens might attack. Maybe this was Pipit’s way of confusing those confounded toxins and staying healthy. Albia had turned into something of a nightmare in terms of immune systems: No longer was old age the most dangerous element to look out for. Or, perhaps I had just been lulled into a false sense of security. Those antigens can be sneaky snakes!

The Creatures 1 vehicles were in full motion by this point! No one knew them more intimately than Xenops, the second youngest Norn. He traveled all the way from the garden to the island, and then decided to be even more adventurous so he could discover the abandoned settlement. When he grew tired of those sights, it was back beneath the ocean again! It always struck me as interesting for Albia to include an underground tunnel in its ocean. Simple boat travel seemed like the easiest route to take, so I’m glad the decision was made to add this interesting element. Xenops was a great admirer of the long trek!

Far away, I thought my Grendel, Adaon, was busy playing with his toy. He still was, ever since his obsession began. He did, however, take a moment to spew an odd statement that was strangely fitting! Of course, he didn’t know that these carts and cars were not voice-activated… Yet he still called out for their immediate stop, Oh, Adaon, what a silly thing to say!

My littlest Norn, Yuhina, was also interested in stopping something. Only she was much more coherent and had a purpose in mind! She discovered a Muggy roaming around in the garden. She took it upon herself to stop this unusual critter and offer it an affectionate pat on the back! I always intended to name these animals and have them more involved, like pets for my Norns and Grendels. Perhaps this will be something for the next generation! Yuhina decided that this one was not particularly interesting, although she did enjoy its company. If only Norns could be so calm and polite to one another!

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