Goodness Gracious, Great Green Geats

Without really attempting to influence the color of the population, I found myself with a little gaggle of green Geats. Glucydur was the newest member, after emerging from Megallium and Alumel. I expected a more golden color, yet his bright green looked like just the ticket to remind everyone that spring was starting! I liked how Ormolu and Talonite decided to take on the same pose as the newest member of their group. Perhaps it was the way to welcome one into their world! Seemed like they were greeting many new faces lately, and adding on many new friends.

Cunife found herself ready to witness the birth of her baby, who would be the third member of the fourth generation. Electrum’s father was Alnica, which was quite apparent from his mixture of colors! The mother and son pair almost looked like gold and bronze medals forged for some special event. They were hardly the type to bond, however, as Cunife went off in search of something else to do. The young Electrum wasn’t phased: He was born to be an independent sort of Geat. This marked the fourth child for Alnica, who went onto another home.

A recent update included my statement about a “slight population explosion,” which was a bit of an understatement. As the young Geats grew up in a better planned environment, they found reproducing to be a rather simply task. Vitallium was just over her very first pregnancy when she decided it was time for another! Chromel was a rather interesting color, since his father was the very brightly colored green Geat, Terne. Look close enough, though, and he is still slightly different from his mother. The population had a good representation of greens, pinks, and rusty browns. It might sound fairly limited, but these Colortrue Gaius were a veritable rainbow as a whole group!

My day started with a group of green Geats, and also ended with one. Ormolu nudged her tiny egg and found herself face-to-face with a Creature who was rather similar to her. Nicrosil looked like a perfect middle shade of green between her mother’s bright color and Zamak’s black coloring. Perhaps there was some sort of goal to overtake the population with great green Geats! Chances were pretty good that the greens and pinks would cross someday, and possibly create some shades of blue. It was exciting to watch the population grow and see how the colors combined!

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