Budding Personality Traits in the Land of Albia

With my Creatures 1 Albia sufficiently populated with two updated Grendels, it was about time to start thinking of the other species. Norns bring with them plenty of love and intrigue, though they are also notorious for being frustrating and annoying! All the same, this fifth generation of Norns needed to start somewhere. There was no better place to start than with Athahain, the daughter of Drongo and Astrapia! She burst out into the world, took a moment to take in all the new smells, and then was off to the races. Or, just the lift.

Athahain possessed a couple of genetic mutations, though I wanted to save that discussion for another time. It was time for her to simply be a Norn and develop her unique personality, without any genetic musings. Those would come soon enough! I corralled her towards the learning computer, which was the most exciting machine. An enticing honeypot did nothing to dissuade Athahain from her lessons: She was a Norn on a mission! I tentatively labeled her as an unusually serious, studious type… Until she got back to the lift again. No prodigy here, just a cute little Norn who loved to go up and down, up and down, over and over again! Welcome to being a Norn, Athahain!

I was not about to toss aside my Grendels to be forgotten in the wake of a new birth. I left Athahain to her vertical adventures, while I went off in search of Dahloi. There was not much ground to cover! He was curled up in the garden, diligently catching up on his sleep after enduring Nildeleer’s clingy behavior. The updated genes from Grendel Man looked like they worked wonderfully! Dahloi was easily the best sleeper, Grendel or Norn, I had seen in Creatures 1 in a long time. Besides his excellent habits, I enjoyed watching him live his life. It wasn’t common to find one like him!

The first time we met Nildeleer, she was a little camera shy and avoided the camera. It looked like that was going to be one of her personality traits! I noticed her acting a little violently all of a sudden, although that consisted of one or two slaps. It was hardly cause for concern! Just as Dahloi needed some time away from her, Nildeleer savored occasional solitude. Life in Albia would likely get more and more hectic as the population grew! Athahain had a whole crowd of Norns just waiting to hatch. My job was to make sure my Grendels and Norns had enough attention while still introducing new members to the group. The generation was off to a good start! Now, it was up to Dahloi, Nildeleer, and Athahain to pave the way for the next newcomers.

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