A Docking Station Download from Artemiidae

A Very Persistent Sort of NornThe second generation of Artemiidae was already well on its way, although Fuchsia Rhodeus was practically populating it all herself! I didn’t change any of the multiple birth parameters for this world, since they seemed just about right for these purposes. Amazingly, natural twins popped up during one of the very first pregnancies! During all this time, another Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norn hovered about, completely ignored. He was just a tad too late during the twin pregnancy, but he was ready to bide his time. And on that note, I’m happy to release the Protective Tub Underwater Names List! This features 102 colors and 546 fish families or scientific names, resulting in names like those featured in Artemiidae.

Download the DS Protective Tub Underwater Names List

Remember that Amaikokonut’s original Protective Tub must be installed prior to using this list. Feel free to ask any questions! I will also say that I have a few more lists planned for release soon. With all of these new downloads, there will also be an easy guide to all of my downloads. That should be up soon, along with more information about new blog features! Things got pushed back a bit due to life getting extra busy lately, but there will be much more to see sometime soon. Make sure to check back often! Who knows what will happen…

Download the Protective Tub Underwater Names ListBronze Bythidae didn’t think anything would happen to him, yet he was suddenly noticed! Perhaps it was his beautiful new fins and tail. Practically everyone in Artemiidae reached the adult life stage at this point, and it was really fun to watch everyone swim around Artemia Sea. It was rather fun to move more quickly through this world: I still felt attached to these Creatures in some ways, yet it was nice to just observe without the necessity to document everything. Of course, there was plenty of action to cover! I left Artemiidae for the day, happy for my Norns, and wanting to go swimming myself!

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