A New Version of the Updated Creatures 1 Carrot

Making a Few Changes to the CarrotsVersion 1.1 of the Creatures 1 updated carrot can now be downloaded! It includes two very minor scripting updates. Everyone who used the original version is encouraged to grab this update: It’s just a matter of re-injecting the COB, and the carrots will be all set! Special thanks to Grendel Man who clarified some points about the timer script. This version turns off the timer for full-grown carrots, and fixes the carrot placement to avoid the rare situation of a Creature not being able to pick a carrot. Don’t forget to update to the latest version now!

Moving Forward with C1 COB ProjectsI received quite a few responses already regarding the prioritization of projects. Thanks for all of the feedback! The majority seem to be on board for having functional fixes for the edible items before any Norn sprites receive updates. I completely agree! I’ll be getting started on another food item soon, and I’m sure there will be more news about it as I get moving. Some new videos should also be posted soon: Just remember that fewer posts right now simply means that the Creatures 1 improvements are being worked on. It’s awesome to think that these fixes can make C1 even better, all while I learn CAOS!

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