Prioritizing Projects: Behavior vs. Aesthetics

Struggling to Eat the C1 LemonsAs I’ve moved onto working on some projects in Creatures 1, I started down a different path. I got sidetracked with the C1 food items, which have some serious issues. The updated C1 carrot seems to be a major hit among players! In my own experiments, Norns who eat these carrots are measurably better at eating. A quick note that there will be a minor fix released shortly, although the current version should still work perfectly! After fixing up the carrots, I started looking at the other food items… Like the lemons. These may not be as awful as the carrots, yet they possess some serious flaws of their own!

Considering the Importance of Creatures 1 FixesFloating pixels and discolored sprites on Norns do bother me, but are they all that important? I know that this is a big project that has been talked about for ages. However, would you rather have working food items first? The other benefit to these types of fixes is that they have a much shorter development cycle. CAOS does complicate them, but it’s not like I have to work on hundreds of images to get somewhere! I feel like a few fixes to the food, herbs, and weeds in Creatures 1 should make a world of difference in the way Norns and Grendels behave. Then the time should be right for fixing up the aesthetics!

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