Norn vs. Grendel: A Unique Scenario in Artemiidae

Staring Docking Station Danger in the FaceThere was a moment in Artemiidae that was absolutely perfect in illustrating a tense situation! Many probably watched Pale Cyematidae swim among the Banshee Hydrolisks, where it looked certain that she would meet an abrupt end. As it so happened, she survived and actually carved out an interesting existence with the Grendels! I chose not to do a video update highlighting this, though, because it was a very violent time in C3/DS! A lot of slaps and “Ow!”s made up most of the audio.

Back in the early days of Artemiidae, Opalescent Striata killed her partner quite early on, and she wasn’t done there! She was renowned for being extremely violent towards her fellow Grendels, so I figured that a Norn would not survive very long. Only I was very mistaken… Her learning had taught her that attacking a Grendel was a good thing, and this was deeply ingrained in her mind. The result? Opalescent Striata never touched Pale Cyematidae. It sounds impossible, but I was more surprised than anyone! It might have actually been a safe spot, except for the younger male Banshee Hydrolisk, Flecked Bedotiidae. He had his own quirk: He would go after the Norn like his instincts told him to, but only on one strange condition. Opalescent Striata had to slap him a lot before he would go after her. I watched carefully, since this seemed like the oddest arrangement! Yet for about an hour, this was the predictable pattern in the Past Seas.

Waving Farewell to a Courageous Aquatic NornI thought that this situation would work out, since Pale Cyematidae always escaped. Only that all changed when Flecked Bedotiidae finally grew into his adult form and could move around much quicker. My brave Norn managed to escape, yet it was becoming quite clear that she was getting injured with each attack. I left briefly to check on my other Norns and Grendels, and that’s when it happened. I expected her death, although it was still quite sad. She survived with the Banshee Hydrolisks longer than I thought possible, where she ate and slept right next to them. Although her life had a violent end, her time in the Past Seas was mostly smiles as she swam about and explored a new environment. She looked danger in the face, and survived! Not forever, but Pale Cyematidae will not be forgotten.

Actually, she had just two babies, but these fraternal twins will carry on her memory! They’re a mix between two breeds, which should make for a very interesting meeting when we see them. I’ve been playing Artemiidae in order to let some Norns and Grendels pass on. A baby’s parents must both pass away in order for me to bring him or her into Artemiidae, so I’m hoping that the next video chapter will feature some brand new faces!

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