Breaking Away from Loneliness and a Bitter Friendship

Unfamiliar and Familiar NornsAfter the whirlwind of a new Norn, I thought I would only have trouble remembering the newest member of the group. As it turns out, I was rather perplexed when I saw Losthrayte chasing after a Norn near the learning computer. Who in the world was she?! It took me a moment to register that the unknown visitor was Athahain, who was last seen on the desert island, where she enjoyed her time away from the other Norns. She decided that Losthrayte wasn’t all that bad, and a friendship began!

A Choice of Less Than Brilliant NornsIt wasn’t long before Losthrayte decided to go in search of more company. She had no idea that Athahain was so shy, or she might have spent more time with her. Instead, Losthrayte discovered two Norns nearby in a rather clumsy position… Brekennion practically fell over the newly grown up Pathun! After his recent Albian journey, Pathun was ready to become a part of a large group and make a name for himself. However, Losthrayte was much more enamored with Brekennion. Shortly thereafter, a new egg was on its way!

Learning to Let Go in Creatures 1Sadly, Athahain was completely abandoned at this point. She looked on as Losthrayte forgot all about their brief friendship. Why was it so difficult for her to keep a friend around? Athahain had a couple of genetic mutations that had minor effects on her social skills, but there was nothing there that explained why she was so alone. Of course that was part of her personality, yet she left her solitude in search of a Norn friend or two. As it so happened, things were about to get even worse for Athahain. My oldest Norn of this generation certainly was suffering in the social realm! My presence was small consolation, though she wasn’t completely left out. Sometimes I wish Norns could be taught some manners with their vocabulary lessons.

Looking On as Love Blossoms in AlbiaNearby in the garden, a few other Norns congregated and were poised to create a rather large group. Young Pfeffablel met two new Norns, Hybralvao and Mayth. The latter returned from a vacation in the settlement. Although he was slightly tired from his traveling, Hybralvao decided that he would make a wonderful father! Before long, Mayth had his very first egg on the way with Hybralvao!

Violent Mood Swings in Creatures 1Losthrayte soon discovered Mayth, whom she immediately wanted to lay a silly claim on. He was unfazed by her oddly territorial behavior, but I echoed Athahain as she screamed, “Ow!” from a sudden slap. Losthrayte had been a good friend not too long ago, yet she completely threw those memories out the window. Athahain was more alone than ever and she had to suffer a barrage of slaps just to run off. She started walking and never looked back. Would she ever find a place for herself in Albia? The outlook seemed rather grim and depressing.

I might add that what made this time in Athahain’s life even worse was the fact that three males were near her for a good amount of time. In every instance, they kisspopped with other females, even the ones who were already pregnant! It was almost like no one liked her, and they purposely ignored her. She was a trooper, though, and stuck around until that fateful slapping fit from Losthrayte. What an awful way for a Norn friendship to end.

A New Beginning for a Lonely NornSoon enough, Athahain heard that fateful phrase, “stop Norn,” only it was meant in a very different context. Little Pfeffablel was having fun chasing around Pathun, who looked like he was enjoying himself. Athahain stumbled across their game just as she was leaving the garden area. She paused, as if to consider whether she should stick around. Maybe these two younger Norns could be her friends… Though even that was a risk to take! What would happen?

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