Pairing Up and Paring Down with Norns

One Norn and Another Strange IdeaThere comes a time in every generation when one can easily determine the oddball. Krathlaysi was dubbed the oddball of the bunch previously, yet I would like to make that an official title for her! She has been the mind behind some of Albia’s silliest occurrences this time around, such as her recent attempt to fill a honeypot with hootch. A short time later, she decided to spring into action and find something new to try. I found her in the shower… Taking a nap. To Krathlaysi’s credit, at least the water was off! As much as I wanted to be silly and wake her up by turning it on, I let her enjoy her peaceful slumber. I knew she was brewing up her next strange idea!

A Sudden Desire to Escape Norn ResponsibilitiesIt was at this time that most of my Norns decided to hatch a worldwide plot to keep me busy. Pfeffablel, now the second youngest Norn, was absolutely thrilled when she and Brekennion planned to have an egg together! The father-to-be, on the other hand, showed signs that he was ready to retreat and leave the idea of any responsibilities behind. I have witnessed some male Norns stick by pregnant females to at least keep them company, so not all shy away! Brekennion was clearly one who had other things to do. Pfeffablel didn’t care too much: This was her first egg!

Paired Up in AlbiaAs I was keeping an eye on the newest mother-to-be, I noticed that someone else was ready to welcome a bundle of joy. Pathun and Losthrayte made a lovely pair, yet I was worried about them. She had never recovered from her last pregnancy, going into one of those modes where she had no idea what food was. Pathun must have bumped his head while he was jumping in the wishing well, for he was also lacking in the nutrition department. I started to tend to them…

Reuniting a Creatures PairSuddenly there was another pregnancy among the Norns! Fortunately, I could relax: Hleengar and Hybralvao were no strangers to the process of laying an egg, and their coordinated walk on the underground boardwalk was very peaceful. With three eggs on the way and some rather terrible eaters in the bunch, I decided that the final two Norns of this generation would be delayed a short time. No sense adding more chaos to a rather stormy atmosphere! It was a song and dance I knew well, though. It would take some time to separate out those in need of attention, but all would work out. And maybe Krathlaysi would find her best idea in the meantime!

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