A Time for a Mournful Norn Celebration

A Quiet Ending to LifeThe death of a Norn is never a happy occasion, yet I was faced with tragedy after tragedy in this generation. Everyone was dying at such young ages. It was no surprise when my eldest Norn, Athahain, passed away at 9 hours and 58 minutes old. This was still fairly young, yet her life was a good one that ended happily. I still remembered Athahain’s birth, and how she had been alone for such a long time. Towards the end, she found an endless source of happiness from honey and Pathun. Five eggs made up her legacy, and it would be a good one. Rest in peace, Athahain, and may you never be lonely again.

A Spot of Peacefulness in AlbiaDespite the somber mood from Athahain’s death, life in Albia had to continue! I found Pfeffablel on the desert island, enjoying the peace from underneath the ocean. This gave her the opportunity to think carefully about that robot toy. After all, what was it really modeled after? And what did its face look like underneath that comically large hat? Oh, the mysteries of the world! Pfeffablel was one of the few Norns who was free from the clutches of old age for the time being. The final two Norns of this generation were still a little ways off, yet I decided to give myself a challenge and hatch them both right around the same time!

The Strange Lemon Tree in Creatures 1Before I set myself up for a mediocre disaster with two baby Norns, I took a quick look around my Creatures 1 world. One very odd thing had happened hours ago: A lemon grew way up in the treetops, far above the lemon trellis! I couldn’t be sure, but this seemed like a side effect from the flying lemon glitch. It looked happy way up above the ground, particularly since no one could actually pick it! This was one odd glitch that didn’t seem to cause any problems, unlike my floating egg.

An Attempt to Slow Down the Creatures CartSpeaking of which, Pathun tried to walk towards it while he was in the underground cart! That, or he was attempting to slow it down by walking in the opposite direction. Not very good thinking, Pathun! I wasn’t about to give him any trouble, though, since he had just grown into an old Norn and was still recovering from the loss of his friend, Athahain. Sadly, their time together never bore any eggs for them. Indeed, Pathun only had one egg to his name this late in life. Perhaps he was just aware that there was no need to overpopulate Albia! Brekennion and Losthrayte didn’t heed that warning… Soon enough, I had a new pregnancy to watch over in the garden. As Pathun made his way back towards the main group, I hoped he could teach them a thing or two!

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