Become a Creatures 1 Carrot Beta Tester

An Opportunity to Test Out a New COBAfter using the C1 carrots as an introduction to CAOS, I’m very pleased to announce that the updated version is ready for beta testing! Granted, I’m sure this isn’t all that exciting, especially compared with beta testing something entirely new. I would release the carrots right now, but seeing as this is my first real foray into CAOS, I wanted to give the community an opportunity to find any silly mistakes I may have made. I tested all of the new features as much as I could, yet I’ve found that having others test something uncovers potential issues much quicker! I started off with a few plans

Testing a C1 COB with Community HelpAnd added on a lot of additional surprise features. Again, these “surprises” aren’t all amazing and shiny… These are just carrots, after all! Being a beta tester can be pretty fun, though, and there’s no need to know any CAOS or advanced features of Creatures! I’m mainly looking for players who are familiar with the original carrots, particularly their drawbacks. Those who know CAOS are also welcome: Beta testers will receive a COB and a document with all of the scripts, and then it’s all a test to see if you can break the carrots! Let’s hope they don’t end up breaking your game… Sign up to become a potential beta tester by filling in the form below. Hurry: This is a quick beta testing phase! Thanks for your help in finishing up the C1 carrots!

This beta testing phase is pretty short, mainly because I would like to get these updates released. There really aren’t too many things that can be tested with carrots, especially since most of the scripts came from the original carrots. I also say that not everyone is guaranteed a beta testing spot, but most will be accepted! Only a handful of people who have some time over the next few days are needed, and will also be mentioned in the final version’s Readme!

C1 Carrot Updates Beta Testing Terms

  • I understand that not everyone is guaranteed to become a beta tester.
  • I understand that this is a beta version, and may not be completely error-free.
  • I am available to beta test sometime between June 4-8, 2015.
  • I will provide a report before the end of the day on June 8, 2015.
  • I will not share the beta version download with anyone else.
  • I will do my best to test these carrots until they can be tested no more!

This beta testing opportunity is now closed. Thank you to those who volunteered to help out!

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