Redesigning the Creatures 1 Honey Jar

Looking at the Evolution of Albian HoneyCAOS has taken a little bit of a backseat while I just enjoy playing Creatures 1 again, although it hasn’t been forgotten! I’m currently in the midst of updating the C1 honey. The actual scripts for the honey jars are not too difficult, whereas I still need to work on the bees and beehives. What has always irked me is the actual honey jar, though. Do players in other countries still see the word “Honey” printed across the front? So I decided to test my spriting skills! In this image, the left set is the standard jar, the middle set is the standard jar without any text, and the right set is my own creation. Which do you prefer?

Spriting in Creatures 1 is very different from the other games because the game is limited to 256 predefined colors. Despite this challenge, it’s still possible to create nice images with shading! There are just some colors that have less flexibility. Fortunately, the oranges and yellows are definitely not lacking! My attempt at a jar is a little less red, and is also just a bit narrower. I originally wanted to attempt to put a bee on the outside, but there really isn’t any room for it. I’m still no artist, yet I’m decently proud of the shading. It looks mildly three-dimensional, right? … Right? Ha ha!

Other Considerations for the Design of the C1 Honey JarI also have other image drafts, where I tried to find a way to show just how much honey is left in the jar. I wanted to make it easier for players to know when to make a stop to the hives, although I haven’t found the best option just yet! I had the idea of using a clear jar, where the honey level will go down with each meal. Simulating clear glass is no easy task, though! This is definitely not a finished product, but just an idea. I also tried working on a dribble of honey that will slowly make its way down the jar. When the jar is full, there will be no visible honey, but as those messy Norns and Grendels eat, the dribble will travel further down.

Feel free to share your feedback and preference! I could go any which way with these sprites, even sticking with the originals. It’s really the functionality that I want to fix, yet the honey jars do look like they could use a little updating. Comment away, and be on the lookout for more updates about this Creatures 1 project I hope to finish up in near future!

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